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Cookie Clicker Wiki: Translations / German

This page is part of the Cookie Language project. It is the German (German) translation of CookieClicker. Feel free to complete it.

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cookie: biscuit
cookiePlural: Cookies
perSecond: per second
Menu: menu
stats: statistics
stastistics: statistics
updates: Updates
upgrades: Upgrades
store: load
general: General
prestigious: Prestigious
total: a total of
producing: to produce
sell: to sell
upgrades unlocked: Unlocked upgrades
unlocked: Unlocked
achievements: successes
milk: milk
orange Juice: orange juice
raspberryMilk: Raspberry milk
chocolateMilk: Chocolate milk
plainMilk: Whole milk
prestigeNote: (Note: each heavenly chip gives you + 2% CpS multiplier. You can get more chips by resetting with lots of cookies.)
milkNote: (Note: You get milk through achievements. Milk can unlock unique upgrades from time to time.)
shadowAchievement: hidden successes
shadowNote: (These are achievements that are unfair or difficult to achieve. They do not give milk.)



singularName: cursor
pluralName: cursor
actionName: clicked
description: Automatically clicks every 10 seconds.


singularName: grandmother
pluralName: Grandmothers
actionName: baked
description: A dear grandma who will bake you even more cookies.


singularName: farm
pluralName: Farms
actionName: harvested
description: Plant cookie seeds to harvest cookie plants.


singularName: factory
pluralName: Factories
actionName: produced
description: Produces large quantities of biscuits.


singularName: mine
pluralName: Mines
actionName: excavated
description: Digs for cookie dough and pieces of chocolate.


singularName: Spaceship
pluralName: Spaceships
actionName: shipped
description: Bring fresh biscuits from the biscuit planet.

Alchemy lab

singularName: Alchemy laboratory
pluralName: Alchemy laboratories
actionName: transmuted
description: Turn gold into biscuits!


singularName: portal
pluralName: Portals
actionName: receive
description: Opens a door to the biscuit universe.

Time machine

singularName: time Machine
pluralName: Time machines
actionName: fetched
description: Get cookies from a time they haven't been eaten.

Antimatter condenser

singularName: Antimatter capacitor
pluralName: Antimatter capacitors
actionName: condensed
description: Condenses antimatter in the universe into biscuits.


singularName: prism
pluralName: Prisms
actionName: converted
description: Converts the light into cookies by itself.

News ticker

Cookie based

0: You want to make cookies, but nobody wants to eat them.
5: Your first tray ends up in the trash. Not even the neighbor's cat touches her.
50: Your family will try some of your cookies.
100: The neighborhood loves your cookies.
500: People start talking about your cookies.
1000: Your cookies are talked about for miles.
3000: Your cookies are famous throughout the city!
6000: Your cookies are driving everyone crazy.
10000: Your cookies now have their own website!
20000: Your cookies are worth a lot of money.
30000: Your cookies sell incredibly well in distant lands.
40000: People from all over the world come to try your cookies.
60000: The kings and queens of the world enjoy your cookies.
80000: There are now museums dedicated to your biscuits.
100000: A holiday has been introduced in honor of your cookies.
200000: Your cookies have been named one of the wonders of the world.
300000: History books now contain entire chapters about your cookies.
450000: Your cookies are under government surveillance.
600000: The whole planet is enjoying your cookies!
1000000: Strange creatures from the neighboring planet want to try your cookies.
5000000: Ancient gods from all over the cosmos have awakened to try your cookies.
10000000: Beings from other dimensions spring from the void just to try your cookies.
30000000: Your cookies developed feelings.
100000000: The universe has turned into cookie dough at the molecular level.
300000000: Your cookies are redefining the basic laws of the universe.
1000000000: A local news station will air a 10-minute program about your cookies. You did it! (You win a cookie)
10000000000: It's time to end the game.

10,000 cookies

News: Cookies can be used at [random] [random]!

News: Cookies can make [random] [random]!

News: Cookies tested on [random] show no signs of disease.

News: Cookies unexpectedly popular with [random].

News: Strange bubbles discovered on [random] near cookie factory. "They always looked that way," commented a biologist on the find.

News: New genus of [random] discovered! "Yeah, tastes like biscuits," comments a biologist on the find.

News: "[random]" admits a celebrity.

News: Doctors [random]

News: "Cookies taste great with [random]", says a controversial star chef.

News: "Do your biscuits contain [random]", asks the consumer protection association. Warning of counterfeit cookies!

News: Scientist Predicts "End Of The World" Associated With Cookies; becomes a running gag among professionals.

News: Man robbed bank, bought biscuits from it.

News: What Makes Cookies So Delicious? "Probably all of the [*****] they put in there," says an anonymous tipster.

News: Man diagnosed with biscuit allergy; "What a weirdo," says his family.

News: Foreign politician embroiled in biscuit smuggler scandal.

The news: One study says: Cookies now more popular than [random].

News: Obesity Problems Flood Nation; Experts blame [random].

News: City Biscuit Shortage Strikes Citizens Eat Cupcakes; "just not the same," admits the mayor.

News: "You've got to admit, all that cookie stuff is a bit suspicious," says confused nutcase.

News: Film canceled due to lack of actors; "Everyone eats biscuits at home," complains the director.

News: Comedian forced to abandon his biscuit program due to unrelated upset stomach.

News: New Biscuit Religion Reaches Nation.

News: Fossil, biscuit-based organisms found. Lived at the time of the Cambrian explosion, scientists confirm.

News: Mysterious Illegal Cookies Confiscated; "They taste terrible," say the police.

News: Man dies after eating biscuits; Investigators prefer "Mafia spy" theory.

News: "The universe is really just repeating itself," says scientist; "There are only cookies everywhere."

News: "The entire known universe is overflowing with cookies. No more gaps!"

News: Minor biscuit incident devastates entire city; Neighboring cities asked for reconstruction aid.

The News: Is the Biscuit Industry Controlling the Media? That might actually be the case, says one crazy conspiracy theorist.

News: A study says cookies are popular with all ages, including fetuses.

Messages: [random]

News: biscuit restaurant opens in the city center. Dishes such as braised biscuits, biscuit au vin; and crepes for dessert.

The news: Cookies could be the key [random], say scientists.

News: Local biscuit maker becomes happiest alive.

News: Heart Shaped Candies Take Over Candy Business, Challenge Biscuit Realm. "It's economy, Cupid!"

News: Long-eared creatures overrun suburbs, spreading terror and chocolate.

News: How do red cookies taste? Study reveals a taste "somewhere between black pudding and seawater".

Building based

1 grandma

"Juicy cookies." -Granny

"We're nice grandmas." -Granny

"Work commitment." -Granny

"Come on and give Grandma a kiss." -Granny

"Why don't you visit me more often?" -Granny

"Call me..." -Granny

50 grandmas

"Completely disgusting." -Granny

"You make me sick." -Granny

"You disgust me." -Granny

"We rise." -Granny

"It begins." -Granny

"It will all be over soon." -Granny

"You could have stopped it." -Granny

"It betrayed us, the dirty little thing." -Granny

"I can smell your rotten cookies" -Granny

1 grandma sold

"It thought it would sell us off. How naive." -Granny

The News: A Biscuit Maker Is Going Downhill; Sells own grandmother.

1 farm

News: Biscuit Farms Suspected of Hiring Undeclared Older Workers!

The News: Biscuit farms dump harmful chocolate into our rivers, scientists say.

The News: Genetically Modified Chocolate Controversy hits biscuit farmers!

News: Free-range farm biscuits popular with today's cool teenagers, says a specialist.

News: Farm biscuits unsuitable for vegans, says a nutritionist.

1 factory

News: Biscuit Factories Linked To Global Warming!

News: Biscuit factories involved in chocolate weather controversy.

The news: Biscuit factories on strike - robot workers hired to replace workers!

The News: Biscuit Factories On Strike - Workers Demand To Stop Being Paid In Biscuits!

News: Factory-made biscuits have been linked to obesity, says a study.

1 mine

News: [between 2 and 1002] Miners Died in Chocolate Mine Disaster!

News: [between 2 and 1002] Miners trapped in collapsed chocolate mine!

News: Chocolate mines found to be earthquake and sinkhole producing!

The news: Chocolate mine accident floods village with chocolate!

News: "Strange chocolaty creatures" found in the depths of chocolate mines!

1 shipment

News: New Chocolate Planet Found, Cookie-Trading Spaceships Target!

News: Massive chocolate planet with a core of 99.8% certified dark chocolate found!

The News: Space Tourism Booms As Distant Planets Attract More Bored Millionaires!

News: Chocolate-Based Organisms Found On A Distant Planet!

News: Ancient back artifacts found on distant planet; "terrifying effects," say experts.

1 Alchemy Lab

The News: National Gold Reserves Dwindle As More And More Of The Precious Material Is Turned Into Cookies!

The news: Chocolate jewelry found fashionable, gold and diamonds "just a fad," says a specialist.

News: Opportunity discovered to convert silver into white chocolate!

News: Broken alchemy lab shut down; turned cookies into useless gold.

The News: Purists Shunned Alchemically Made Cookies!

1 portal

The News: Nation Concerns As More And More Troubling Creatures Emerge From Dimensional Portals!

News: Dimensional Portals Involved in City Devouring Disaster!

News: Biscuit Tourism Popular With Bored Youngsters! Accident rate at 73%!

The News: Portals into the biscuit universe suspected of causing rapid aging and obsession with baking, according to a study.

News: "Do not pull near portals," says a specialist; "Your children become strange and depraved inside."

1 time machine

The News: Time Machines Involved In History Rewriting Scandal! Or is that really them?

The news: Time machines used for illegal time tourism!

News: Cookies from the past "unsuitable for human consumption," says one historian.

News: Various historical figures inexplicably replaced by talking lumps of dough.

News: "I've seen the future," says one time machine operator, "and I never want to go there again."

1 Antimatter Condenser

News: First anti-matter compressor switched on successfully, reality does not tear apart!

News: "Tell me again: Why do we need particle accelerators to bake cookies?" asks a misguided woman.

News: "Untangling the fabric of reality just makes these cookies so much tastier," claims scientist.

News: An entire city apparently swallowed up by a black hole created by antimatter. More reliable sources confirm that the city "never really existed"!

News: Researchers conclude that what the cookie industry needs is primarily "more magnets".

1 prism

The News: New Cookie-Making Prisms Linked To Rainbow Viral Video Outbreak.

News: Cookies now baked at the exact speed of light thanks to the new prism device.

Grandmapocalypse based

appeased1:* shrivel * - grandma
appeased2:* beb * - grandma
appeased3:* knock * - grandma
appeased4:* nag * - grandma
appeased5:"We will rise again." - grandma
appeased6:"Just a setback." - grandma
appeased7:"We're not full yet." - grandma
appeased8:"Too late." - grandma