Women like swinger clubs

Are you curious what to expect as a woman in the swingers club? My experience report takes you into this sensual world - and it actually happened that way. The motto of the party was “Ladies Choice”. Make yourself comfortable, have a cup of tea and just get a taste of the world of swinger clubs. After that you can still decide whether you would like to experience such swinger experiences one day.

What experiences can you have as a woman in the swinger club?

Imagine it's Saturday evening and you're dressing up for a swinger party with your heart pounding. For a week you have been designing and discarding outfits, taking out suitable shoes and putting them away again, bought yourself a new pair of hold-up stockings and then decided on bare skin.

It's not just any party. On this evening, neither your makeup nor your hairstyle count and your carefully chosen outfit will not matter in the end. But you want to feel beautiful and desired again. And just trying on and preparing is fun.

This is how arriving at the swingers club works ...

Before you enter the club, you adjust your stockings in the cloakroom and check the fit of your corset in the mirror. The corsage is made of black lace and barely covers your breasts. Wide suspenders made of shiny satin hold the stockings.

With a touch of audacity, you spent a lot of money on this corset years ago. Since then it has hung unnoticed and unworn in the closet. It's a shame actually. Now the right occasion is finally here and your reflection smiles at you: you look indescribably feminine. You feel beautiful!

Experience the atmosphere in the swingers club ...

You take another deep breath and gather all your courage, then you leave the cloakroom and enter the club. Subdued indirect light illuminates blood-red wallpapers with baroque patterns. Gold-framed mirrors and tasteful black-and-white photographs of naked bodies hang on the walls.

You walk through the long hallway. Doors lead to rooms that are all decorated differently. In one of them there is a dreamy four-poster bed with delicate white veils. Another has large padded surfaces and mirrors from floor to ceiling. What will happen there today?

The other guests in the Swinger Club - who will you share your experiences with today?

When you arrive at the bar of the club, you give your alias and receive 10 small cards that you will need later. Other couples and many men who have come alone are already waiting in the bar.

You see some other women who are also wearing corsages. Some in see-through lace dresses and a few who, apart from their high heels, only show bare skin. Everyone tries to be as casual as possible. But if it weren't for the loud music, you could hear it beating - your own heart and the hearts of other women.

The concept of this swinger party ...

Because you know: today all power rests with you. It's ladies choice!

Imagine if you could just wordlessly slip a card to any man you like at a party. So that he knows: today he can come closer to you. Just to see what happens then. How it feels, how it tastes. All are dependent on your favor. Do you feel your heart pounding already?

The welcome from the host ...

The organizer knows that everyone here is just as nervous. That is why he opens the evening with a speech. In it he once again explains the party concept and gives advice on the general rules of conduct. The fact that safe sex and hygiene are particularly important here reassures you. Just like the “no is no” rule. Here everything should only happen by mutual agreement, and the first step towards this is up to you today.

During the welcome speech you noticed two men you like. One of them is young and at least as nervous as you, but he is a sporty guy with a strong back and an upright, self-confident posture that impresses you. The other is a good deal older than you. But your eyes kept meeting. The smile he threw you across the room was adorable.

The men of your choice ...

Actually, you are shy and you would never think of talking to a strange man. Fortunately, no words are needed here. When the starting gun is fired, you don't hesitate and hand them one of your cards one after the other. Both are visibly happy about it. With a look over their shoulder, you indicate to them to follow you.

Two couples are already cavorting on the four-poster bed in the next room. But you have the all-round mirrored lying surface all to yourself. The shy athlete is still holding back and waiting. The older one, on the other hand, seems to be an experienced guest and knows how to start something like that.

The game begins - collect your own experiences in the Swinger Club ...

Caressing your shoulders and kissing your neck, he comes closer to you. His touch feels good and gives you goose bumps. As he gently runs his fingers over your arms, you can feel the fine hairs tickling on them. His skin smells warm and spicy like vanilla and his hair smells like fresh shampoo, you like to let him get closer.

Whether you need foreplay or want to get down to business quickly - he will do it for you. He asks if his touch feels good and if the pace suits you. Nothing happens without your consent.

The focus is on your desire for new experiences ...

The younger one has been watching you attentively until now. But when the other one penetrates you from behind, he too can no longer hold back and opens his pants and shirt. Tasting a second cock while someone else fucks you - that's what you dreamed of. They are only too happy to be the players in your imagination.

But you are the main actress: always in the middle, coveted by both sides, you let both of you take turns to fuck you. You lick and get licked, sometimes both at the same time.

You can watch everything that happens in the mirrors. Rhythmically twitching buttocks, broad shoulders and in between your own milk-white body, which seems so vulnerable and strong between the men at the same time.

Your senses explode ...

Your senses threaten to explode when the older one skillfully pokes your most sensitive spots with his tail. Again and again, your fingers wander between your legs. Suddenly the younger one comes and squirts his juice over your now bare breasts.

The sight of his lust lifts you up the last piece that was still missing for your orgasm. Groaning loudly, you rear up towards the older man, who knows exactly that he has to stop now. One last time he shoves his cock deep into your pussy and enjoys the feeling of how it embraces him tightly and pulsating.

The end ...

You sink together on the upholstery and caress your steaming skin a little more. The younger one throws you a relaxed smile over the ceiling mirror, then presses a kiss on the cheek and says goodbye under the shower. You will soon follow him, because although time seemed to stand still during your little orgy, you now realize how hungry and thirsty you actually are.

Freshly showered and wrapped in a comfortable black kimono, you satisfy your hunger at the warm buffet. Then you say goodbye to your two teammates and head home. For today you have gained enough new swinger experiences. But you will see each other again at the next party and then you will already know how the other one tastes.

How I fared as a woman in the swingers club ...

Last Saturday was “women's choice”. This very special event only takes place once a year. I was there for the second time. And my heart was already pounding at the thought of who I would give my cards to this time. In the end, there were three great men and two lovely women I was allowed to have sex with - besides my own boyfriend.

Where can you find such an erotic event where you as a woman can have your first swinger experience?

Did my report make you want to go to a party like this yourself? Several organizers are already offering evenings with the motto “women's choice”. This one was in a swingers club in Greding (Bavaria). But there are also a large number of high-quality and attractive swinger parties in other cities. Take a look at the event calendar http://www.joyclub.de/if there is something for you! In 5 steps you can be at your first swingers party this weekend - it's very easy!

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