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Lower Saxony Judges' Association puts refugee issues at the center of its state representative assembly

The main topic of the public justice part of the State Representative Assembly of the Lower Saxony Judges' Association (NRB), which took place yesterday in Lüneburg, is the question of how to deal with the challenges for society and especially for the judiciary resulting from increased immigration.

"A functioning judiciary is the guarantor of the rule of law, for whose" full severity "is now increasingly called", explained Frank Bornemann, chairman of the NRB in Lüneburg. “Immigration to Europe and Germany is a great challenge for society as a whole, which we can only master successfully if the necessary resources, both in terms of personnel and material and financial resources, are available without restrictions. Everything else does not do justice to either the people seeking protection from us or the members of our society " so Bornemann continues.

The renowned Göttingen scientist, Prof. Dr. Bassam Tibi said in his celebratory lecture when he pointed out that uncontrolled mass immigration could endanger the stability and identity of a country, for example through the formation of parallel societies, without protective overall social concepts.

"The integration of those who are rightly seeking protection into our society can only succeed if the unity and security of civil society is guaranteed. Ensuring security also requires effective criminal prosecution. If the population increases sharply, as is now the case, this security can But this can only be guaranteed if the judiciary is strengthened accordingly. It is therefore important to make the judiciary fit for the challenges of the coming years! " stressed Bornemann.