What is the Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet - lose weight with Mediterranean cuisine

A look in the fridge and pantry of our southern neighbors is enough: the Mediterranean diet consists of fresh fruits, crispy vegetables, fragrant herbs, healthy fats like olive oil, delicious poultry, tender fish and sometimes pasta, legumes or rice.

Nutritionists appreciate this variant precisely because it has numerous advantages for health and vitality: Who slowly lose poundsto be permanent Hold weight and specially do something for the cardiovascular system will feel right at home with the light Mediterranean diet. The counting of calories almost takes care of itself, because if we replace each of our meals with one of the Mediterranean recipes and stick to moderation, we usually stay below the 1,800 calorie limit.

Nevertheless, there are a few expert recommendations so that the desired weight loss occurs: Olive oil is healthy, but also fat. It is worthwhile not to go overboard with the dosage. As The main sources of protein are fish and poultry as well as three to four Eggs per week. Meat lovers don't have to do without, just replace red meat, including beef, lamb, pork, sheep and rabbit, as well as sausage from these animals, with poultry. Fruits, vegetables, unpeeled cereals and dairy products are intended for daily consumption. Potato dishes are also allowed from time to time. With all of this, the following applies: Prepare meals fresh and do without industrially prepared food. And because enjoyment has priority when eating Mediterranean foods, it is a glass of red wine a day is allowed.