How are you like your grandparents

Translation of "your grandparents" in English

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your grandparents
I spoke to yesterday your grandparents.
I lived with my parents your grandparents.
is total alienation from your grandparents value,
"I hope that little bit of independence" that this incident gave you "is total alienation from your grandparents worth "who love you more than anything and only think of you."
'"And I hope that small veneer of independence' '" that you've extracted from this incident' '"is worth the complete and total'" alienation of the grandparents who have done nothing but love you and thought of you only. "
And you made up your mind with your grandparents to stay.
I have' your grandparents I wrote a letter.
Better leave town, move in for the summer your grandparents.
You can take something with me during the holidays your grandparents do.
You have to go with me first your grandparents With.
I wouldn't think of anything else your grandparents expect.
With these eternal psychopaths your grandparents!
Do you have it with you again your grandparents quarreled?
and you are with your grandparents in Paradise,
Do you have yourself with you again your grandparents quarreled?
She should come and she should your grandparents Give the word.
Then he says in a car accident, my dear child, now you are alone and have to go your grandparents Life.
Car crash he says then, now my lovely child you are alone and have to live at your grandparents.
What is up with your grandparents, are they still alive?
I spent a few months after you were born your grandparentsso they could get to know you and Xoan.
When you were born, I took you to your grandparents, so they could meet you and Xoan.
He thinks you're still with your grandparents, okay?
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