Which is the best RSS feed reader

With so many websites on the net, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. RSS readers help organize and manage. We introduce you to the best free feed readers.

Freeware for Windows


FeedDemon is by far the most popular RSS reader for Windows. The range of functions is impressive. You can not only subscribe to RSS feeds, the FeedDemon also handles podcasts without any problems. [Download]


The FeedReader is at least as well known, but used less often. This RSS reader is also free for private use and offers the classic features such as sorting options, feed adjustments, display adjustments and much more. [Download]

Omea Reader

The Omea Reader is also available in a free version. In addition to managing RSS feeds, podcasts can also be downloaded here. [Download]

Freeware for Mac


Looking for a simple user interface? Then you feel like many other users of the RSS reader “Gruml”. At first glance, the software looks simple. However, if you go deeper, you will discover some special functions for advanced RSS users. [Download]


Vienna RSS is also a very popular and free open source RSS reader for Macs. The simple user interface, which nonetheless offers a considerable range of functions, is also characteristic here. [Download]


NetNewsWire is probably the most popular RSS reader for Macs. This is offered by the manufacturer who also provides FeedDemon for Windows. A clear user interface, archiving function, browser & email integration are just some of the most important features of this reader. [Download]

Freeware for Linux


The Linux Feed Reader (Liferea) is part of numerous Linux distributions. This is due, among other things, to the extensive range of functions as well as the problem-free integration of numerous widely used browsers of your choice. [Download]


The free RSS reader Akregator is also worth a look. In addition to an archiving function, it also offers the option of integrating external web browsers. [Download]


If you have problems with Liferea and Akregator, you should focus on the RSS Owl. This application, available free of charge for Linux, also brings RSS feeds together quickly and conveniently. Of course in a clear presentation. [Download]

Free online tools


Feedly has long been traded as an alternative to Google Reader. The online reader for RSS fully fulfills this requirement. An easily comprehensible display of the feeds as well as some other features make Feedly a clear favorite. [watch online]

Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes actually represent a way of collecting a wide variety of information in the network centrally. Yahoo Pipes is also great for RSS feeds and is widely used. The presentation is sometimes not overwhelming, but simple and easy to understand. [watch online]


FeedShow is a free online RSS reader that insists on user registration. The service offers a simple interface that gets by with the essential functions and meets all expectations. [watch online]

Free apps for iPhone

Shipowner 2

The clear favorite among the iOS RSS readers is without a doubt the “Reeder” app. The small application was paid for for a long time, but has been available completely free of charge for a few months. Particularly clever: Reeder can synchronize with other online RSS readers such as Feedly. So you don't read a message twice. [Download]


If you value excellent design, you should try Flipboard. The app for iOS displays messages in boxes of different sizes and recognizes article images. Tapping the messages leads to the actual message. You can control back and forth by swiping. [Download]


Feeddler is also an excellent RSS reader application for iOS, which is also available in a free freeware version. In addition to Reeder 2 and Flipboard, the app is a real alternative to existing services. [Download]

Free apps for Android


The Flipboard app is not only available as an RSS reader for iOS. The app can also be found on Android systems. The scope of services is identical. [Download]


The gReader scores with a clear display that also shows on the home screen how many unread news are there. The light version of the app is available free of charge and shows only minor restrictions. [Download]

FeedR News Reader

The FeedR News Reader is characterized above all by its high stability. Even very large amounts of feeds do not cause any problems for the app. The ability to color the categories differently means that the order is always maintained. [Download]

Free email programs


The free email application Thunderbird offers not only regular mail traffic but also the possibility of calling up and displaying RSS feeds. Anyone who already uses this mail client can import the RSS feeds as well. [Download]

Windows Mail

Microsoft's Windows Live Mail Client is also able to accept RSS feeds and display them in a clearly organized manner. The client is particularly widespread on Windows PCs, so the link with RSS is a successful step. [Download]