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Today I was in the bus in Berlin, more precisely in the 186, which was supposed to come at 6:55 pm (drove from Walter-Schreiber-Platz to Woltmannweg). The first: the bus was three minutes late. Isn't three minutes that long?

Often, because of these 'small' delays, I miss the S-Bahn or the bus that I was supposed to take afterwards and arrive too late. Of course, the bus drivers don't care. (He also commented on this by saying: “You don't care that I'm late.” Oh, no? Who then? I have to wait another 20 minutes for the S-Bahn, not him. )

But what made me write this now was this:

I drove with my friend, the bus driver wanted to see our Montas maps carefully. (Which he didn't want others to do either, and many got on at the back of the Rathaus Steglitz station. And I can bet that at least ten people didn't have a valid ticket).

I had a valid ticket, but my friend didn't. So I bought him a ticket. The bus driver took out all of his old tickets (including those from months before that, such as January, etc.). I wanted to have them again, after all, every other person has the old monthly pass in Portmonaie. He didn't want to give it to me, so I asked him normally if he could give it to me.

Then it started: I was called stupid and that I supposedly help my boyfriend with cheating, even though it wasn't even my monthly pass. However, the bus driver was not interested in that. It went on about things that he threw at me that I can no longer accurately reproduce.

But one thing was about the fact that I won't be anything anyway (that at least he became a bus driver, but I can't get anywhere), while I go to a high school (I'm 17 years old), which we also drove past.

Then at some point I sat down again and he called me to the front to pick up the tickets. Okay, I thought to myself, but nothing there, he had torn it up! In my opinion, he does not have the right to do so, because after all it was my friend's and they were defensively not the property of the bus driver.

I sat down again and thought about the behavior of the bus driver. Since it was enough for me. I went forward and said politely again if I could know his name. He said: "No, it's none of your business."

Then I asked how I should complain to the BVG if I didn't know a name. As always, he said that he didn't care. What followed after that was that he said, "Please read the sign," he pointed to one. I read it, it said that you can only get information at the stop. Then the bus driver said to me: "So you never learned to read? You really make yourself more stupid than you look." And I find something like that disrespectful.

First, I learned to read, and second, if he saw my testimony, he would know that I am not stupid. I offered him that too, but he said nothing about it. He didn't want to tell me his name until the end, but then he began to imitate me in a humiliating way and mocked me in a childish way by imitating me. In addition, when he showed me this sign, we were standing and from then on I practically only talked when we stopped.

Three girls were supposed to join Boothstrasse. The bus driver was the same with the three of them as it was with me and my boyfriend. One of the three then said: "Oh, no, the bus driver, I'm not going with him. He's so rude". So it wasn't the first time the bus driver had acted like this. These girls got out and were allowed to wait 20 minutes for the next bus, after all, today is Sunday.

When I got out, I had no choice but to write down the number of the bus. I have done. Unfortunately today is Sunday and I cannot get any information about the name of this bus driver. Because I'm thinking about reporting this bus driver. He doesn't have the right to treat me like that, especially because I've remained respectful.

In addition, bus drivers do not have the right to choose people they do not like and to check their tickets more closely, but not at all or only briefly from others. After all, everyone should not only be treated with respect, but also equally.

I, and I think many other people too, do not like to drive with bus drivers who just want to go home, vent their bad mood on passengers and, above all, they should be polite. Just like in supermarkets or other shops, for example.

I'm not allowed to insult a customer if I don't like a customer, but this bus driver did. And I don't want that, I find it practically irresponsible to let such people drive the bus, and that's why I'm calling for the bus driver to be dismissed (I would like to be informed about this). If this does not happen, however, this bus driver can count on a complaint, there are plenty of witnesses.

I would also like to know the name of the bus driver, if not from you, I will call BVG on Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday). Because I think that this behavior should have consequences! After all, traveling by bus should be pleasant. It certainly wasn't for me and most of the other passengers.

With best regards!

My request to the Berlin transport company: Dismissal of the bus driver

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