Do men over 50 still enjoy sex?

Sex in old age: intimate confessions

Sex has never been better, say many older women among us. The reasons: Lots of experience, you know what you want, you are more relaxed, and you usually have more self-confidence when it comes to love and sexuality than you were when you were young. The hormones (or better: their deficiency) sometimes get in the way of one or the other, but there is now a lot of medical help here, and at least one no longer has to worry about the subject of contraception. That relaxes us women immensely.

According to a US study, 42 percent of 60 to 69-year-old women have vaginal intercourse and one in five over 70-year-olds. Various other sex practices also remain. Even so, sex is still a taboo subject in old age. Young people in particular - who are particularly strict when it comes to assessing attractiveness - somehow do not want to imagine the sexuality of old age so precisely. So what is really going on in Elderly Lady's beds? How often do you still have sex - every day, every few weeks or maybe not at all? Some men and women were prepared to speak plainly anonymously.

Eva-Maria (63): "First time sex on the toilet"

"Of course I noticed from my friends' daughters that they had sex on the toilet in the bar or at the disco. I always thought to myself, my God, what a stress - but the young people are boisterous. Now it's me actually happened myself. And with my new significant other. I never thought that I could enjoy sex so much again. And when the opportunity arose, we just did it. I don't have to have it all the time, I'm so flexible I won't. But you're never too old for a bit of excitement and variety. "

Mariele (73): "I don't think quickies are that bad"

“Let's put it this way: It takes a lot longer than it used to. We've tried a lot, some gels and tinctures. But even in a relationship you have to admit that you are getting older. Every now and then my husband takes Viagra. A good thing that works. But you know for sure: it starts in half an hour. That’s sex on a schedule. "

Annemarie (67): "I won't let anyone into my bed anymore"

“I have dents, waves, and everything hangs. That's not nice. I don't want to show myself that way, especially not in front of a man. I've been logged on to a dating platform since my ex was over the mountains. I'm a crisp 52, athletic, slim. I never let it come on a date. But flirting is fun. If they all knew ... "

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Hans-Peter (75): "Today sex has a different quality"

“The older you get, the more closeness comes to the fore in a relationship. It gives me a lot to know that I can absolutely rely on my wife. That we've been going together for the last few years. Sex isn't as important as it used to be. Even if I still like to do it. Maybe once a month we sleep together. Exciting is different, but it makes me feel good as a man. "

Hannelore (69): “In the past, I would never have dared to go to sex shops. But now there's the internet "

“Now I had to get old to discover what a sex shop has to offer. I always wanted to buy a vibrator. So I checked the internet - together with my husband, by the way. He also chose something: handcuffs. Alright Since then we have been checking in and ordering more often. But with some things I can clearly say: this is not for me. For example, I wouldn't buy domina stuff. I would feel ridiculous. Old woman in patent leather boots ... how embarrassing. "

Franz (72): “Honey, I have a back. We laughed! "

“The other day we were in the middle of it, when my sciatica thwarted me. I could hardly move and fell on Betty. At first I was embarrassed. But then we laughed tears. Something like that just happens. What the hell."

Margot (71): "Our dates are little escapes from reality"

“I feel too young to give up sex in a relationship. My husband can no longer. Three years ago a man flirted with me at a party. He said he was into sex with older women. We have it now and then. It will never come out of it again, and that's okay. "

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