Why does China treat dogs so badly?

Despite the ban: The dog meat festival in Yulin was that bad

In Yulin, China, the controversial “Yulin Dog Meat Festival” took place again this year - despite numerous protests from animal rights activists and the official declaration by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture that dogs are no longer permitted as food. DeineTierwelt spoke to animal rights activist Sebastian Margenfeld, whose colleagues were there.

Two weeks ago there was still hope that the cruel dog meat festival in the Chinese city of Yulin would be canceled. After the global corona pandemic, the Ministry of Agriculture officially declared that dogs are no longer permitted as food. The eating habits of the population in China have changed - and dogs are seen as loving pets rather than food, the ministry said.

Animal rights activist: "Nothing has changed in Yulin"

But last Sunday the barbaric event began. “Nothing has really changed,” says Sebastian Margenfeld. The 33-year-old has been involved with his support association "Animal Hope and Wellness e.V." since 2016 against the dog meat trade in China and the cruel treatment of animals. He himself has been there for the past three years, but due to travel restrictions, only his colleagues on site were able to get an idea of ​​this this year.

“The heartbreaking images of dogs, many of them stolen pets arriving on vans at slaughterhouses, and rows of dog carcasses for sale in city markets are all too familiar. And unfortunately they could be seen again this year, ”says Sebastian in the current episode of the DeineTierwelt podcast“ Pet-Talks: Klartext ”.

"This year we had hoped that things would be different in view of the Covid-19 pandemic," says Sebastian. The Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai finally banned the sale and consumption of dog meat, he said, and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture also issued a statement last month that dogs are pets. Sebastian: "But that was obviously just empty lip service."

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Why isn't the dog meat festival banned?

The dog meat trade is a complex issue, there are slaughterhouses that kill 1000 dogs a day. Your turnover is presumably in the millions. “That could be good reasons why the Chinese government is not determined to end everything immediately,” explains the man who every year from Yulin saves animals from the saucepan and brings them to a loving home in Germany.

Sebastian and his colleagues provided us with video material from Yulin. Some of the recordings are difficult to take. But: "It is important that the world sees what is happening there," says Sebastian. And that's why we show you the cruel shots in this compilation, for which we have already omitted the worst scenes:

In total, more than 10,000 dogs will be killed for the event. Where the animals come from: uncertain. International animal rights activists say that dogs have been shown to be stolen across the country to meet the high demand for dog meat from visitors.

Officially, the “Yulin Dog Meat Festival” from June 21st to 30th was supposed to make the city in the south of China the scene of the terrible festival.

Podcast: That's how cruel the dog meat festival in Yulin is

How Sebastian and his colleagues assess the situation on site in the past and also this year, how he is trying to change the cruel situation in China and how you can help, you will find out in the latest episode of the DeineTierwelt podcast "Pet-Talks: Plain text ":

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