How does luck affect longevity?

Laughter is healthy - this is how happiness affects your health

Table of Contents

  1. Laughter promotes a healthy lifestyle
  2. Laughing strengthens the immune system
  3. Laughing reduces stress
  4. Laughter protects the heart
  5. Laughing can increase life expectancy
  6. Laughter alleviates pain
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  8. This will make you happier
    1. Tips for more happiness and satisfaction
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  10. Knowledge to take away

1. Laughter promotes a healthy lifestyle

Happy people often live healthy (1). A scientific study with more than 7,000 test persons has shown that psychological well-being leads to healthier eating. The test subjects who were rated as happy tended to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grain products to eat than test subjects who were classified as less happy (2). A diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables promotes health and, for example, also reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease (3,4).

The same study also found that the happier test subjects with ten or more hours of physical activity per week were 33 percent more active than the comparison group (5). Who regularly Sports drives, does something good for his body. Physical activity increases energy, strengthens bones, reduces body fat, and lowers blood pressure (6,7,8).

It is also scientifically proven that satisfaction and well-being lead to better sleep. A study with more than 700 test persons found that the test persons who said they were dissatisfied, 43 percent more often have sleep problems, such as waking up constantly at night, than satisfied test persons. A healthy sleep is essential for concentration, productivity, physical activity and a healthy body weight (9,10,11).

Laughing is healthy because happy people tend to eat healthier food, exercise more, and sleep better than unhappy people.

2. Laughter strengthens the immune system

A strong one immune system keeps you healthy and fit. Scientific research shows that positive and satisfied people have stronger immune systems. People who are very stressed and have a negative mood are therefore more prone to contracting the flu virus, for example, than happy people (12, 13).

Why exactly well-being strengthens the immune system is not yet clear. It could be due to the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, also known as the stress axis. It regulates the immune system, hormones, stress, Feelings and digestion (14). What certainly also plays a role: Happy people, as already described, tend to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily and exercise regularly (15).

Happy people have strong immune systems and are therefore less susceptible to viral diseases. Laughter is healthy because it strengthens the immune system.

3. Laughter reduces stress

Who a lot laughs and is happy, feels less stressed. Excessive stress causes the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body to rise. An increased level of cortisol can have a negative impact on health and is a risk factor for high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, Difficulty sleeping as well as weight gain. Various studies show that happy people have lower levels of cortisol in their body (16,17,18).

For a study, 200 test persons had to solve tasks in the laboratory that put them under stress. It was found that the cortisol concentration in the body after the stress test was 32 percent lower in the positive and balanced test subjects than in the dissatisfied test subjects (19).

During stress, the concentration of the hormone cortisol in the body increases. Among other things, this can lead to high blood pressure or sleep disorders. Studies show that happy people produce less cortisol in stressful situations.

4. Laughter protects the heart

Elevated blood pressure is the main risk factor for Heart disease. Research has shown that laughter and feelings of happiness can lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease (20).

A study with over 6,500 test persons over 65 years of age found that positive wellbeing reduced the risk of high blood pressure by as much as nine percent (21). Some other scientific studies also establish a link between wellbeing and luck and a reduced risk of heart disease (22,23).

It could be the reduced risk for high blood pressure also related to the fact that happy people often live healthy lives. More research is needed to explain the antihypertensive effects of happiness.

Laughter is good for the heart. Feeling happy can have an antihypertensive effect, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

5. Laughing can increase life expectancy

Laughter is healthy and can even extend your life. A long-term study with 32,000 test subjects examined the effect of happiness on lifespan over a period of 30 years. The study found that unhappy people were 14 percent more likely to die than happy people (24).

Well-being cannot just be the life of healthy People lengthen, but also from people who are ill. An overview study of 70 researches found a connection between increased life expectancy and well-being in both healthy and sick people (25).

However, there is still no explanation why happy people live longer. The nutrition expert Professor Dr. Eberhardt Windler recommends: "Staying young includes staying flexible. We should move around a lot, do sports, not lug around too much. Those who live healthy and keep a happy heart, who sleep enough and keep stress at bay, have the best chance To stay young inside. "

Studies show that happy people live longer. For example, this could be due to the fact that they often have a healthy lifestyle, do a lot of physical activity, eat healthily and smoke less.

6. Laughter relieves pain

Various studies deal with symptoms of arthritis in connection with mental well-being. Arthritis is one Inflammation of the jointsthat causes severe pain and stiffens the joints. Most often, the disease worsens with age. The studies show that with well-being and a positive attitude, the disease causes less pain (28,29).

Less exposure to Pain can also increase mobility. For example, a study of patients with knee arthritis found that satisfied and happy patients walked about 711 more steps a day than less happy patients (30).

Researchers suggest that happy people experience less pain because their positive outlook on life helps generate new ideas and thoughts, and find strategies to distract themselves from the pain (31).

A positive outlook on life can reduce the sensation of pain. Especially with chronic pain disorders such as arthritis, positivity seems to help reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Would you like to know how you can increase your sense of happiness and thus do something good for your health? In the next section you will find tips for more happiness and wellbeing.

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This will make you happier

Tips for more happiness and satisfaction

The English writer Lawrence George Durrell once said: "Happiness is often only based on the determination to be happy." We should take this quote to heart and work on our happiness. The following tips can help you become happier and laugh more often.

  1. Be grateful: You can increase your sense of happiness by focusing on the things for which you are grateful. To do this, it is helpful to take your time each day and write down three things that you did that day grateful are (32).
  2. Get active: Cardio sports such as aerobics or walking are particularly effective for increasing well-being. They not only promote physical but also mental health (33).
  3. Allow yourself enough sleep: When you are well rested, you are more able to concentrate, full of energy and feel more comfortable (34).
  4. Spend time outside: Whether a walk in the park, a bike tour in the countryside or working in the garden - fresh air and nature have been shown to improve mood (35).
  5. Meditate: Regular Meditate helps you become more satisfied, sleep better, and reduce stress (36).
  6. Eat healthier: Studies show that people who eat healthily and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables are happier. Also supports a healthy eating also health (36,37).

In addition to the tips mentioned, there are many other ways to strengthen your sense of happiness. Do what you are comfortable with. And most importantly, don't forget to laugh!

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Knowledge to take away

  • Studies show that happy people tend to lead healthy lifestyles, eat well-balanced diets, exercise regularly, and sleep well.
  • Laughter is also healthy because happy people have strong immune systems and are less prone to viral diseases.
  • Happy people produce less of the stress hormone cortisol in stressful situations. As a result, they have a lower risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or sleep disorders.
  • Further research has shown that happy people live longer. For example, this could be due to a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity and a healthy diet.
  • It has been proven that a positive attitude towards life can reduce the sensation of pain. Especially in the case of chronic pain disorders such as arthritis, a feeling of happiness seems to help reduce the symptoms of the disease.
  • Whether gratitude, sport, healthy nutrition, meditation or time in nature - there are many strategies to strengthen your own sense of happiness. Above all, you should laugh regularly, because laughter is healthy and makes you happy.