Is it easier to travel alone

All peace, joy, pancakes? - Which I don't like about traveling alone either

This Traveling alone is something great! I not only dedicate this blog to my great travel love, I already have onewhole book wrote about how great solo travel can be. This article will be different. Because, like every other travel style, traveling alone has its own too disadvantage. After five years of regular solo travel, I even have it in some places Signs of fatigue (Which in no way means that I will give up traveling alone). An honest article about my very own struggles with solo travel.




1) Go to the restaurant alone


In how many Restaurants I've already eaten alone, I can't even count anymore. And once I sit there, with a book in hand, or with a beautiful view, then I don't mind sitting there alone.

But holla the forest fairy, it costs me every time overcoming, a restaurant too to enter. Having to choose a table for myself. To order alone. And the whole thing is even worse when I don't know whether the local waitress will understand me there.

It is much easier for me to be in Cafes to go or in smaller bistroswhere I don't feel so lost between couples, families and groups of friends. And when the weather is nice to sit outside also takes some of the burden from me. But even there: I often no longer enjoy going out to eat alone.

Strangely enough, the internal resistance when visiting restaurants increased when traveling alone over the years. And that for no apparent reason.



2) Constantly adjusting to new people


What I love most about traveling alone is being on so vmany people different nationalities and cultures with all their stories and experiences hold true.

But sometimes that's exactly what tires me about traveling alone. There are always phases where I multiple days with the same people spend. We get along wonderfully, grow dear to our hearts. Although you don't know each other well, you feel very much quickly familiar.

Often times, you create many shared experiences and moments in a short space of time. And then you have to go again farewell to take. Sometimes it can actually feel like having to say goodbye to a good friend for a very, very long time.

Sometimes this is followed by one or two difficult ones for me Days of missing.

It is true that every time it is quick to adjust to new people, to build a good bond with them in a short time and to get along well with them. Nevertheless, such Farewells and the renewed departure into the unknown but sometimes cloud the solo travel.



3) Unsightly places remain unsightly


I have no problem with that Solo travel the Alone time to use. Whether I read, sit on my blog, write with friends at home or watch a movie. I not only enjoy meeting great people and having adventures while traveling alone, but also just enjoying myself relax.

But every now and then it happens that I end up in a place or a hostel where I am at all do not feel well. Where I actually don't know what to do with myself. Where I don't like the atmosphere, I don't have a nice lounge area or the weather throws my mind off my feet.

Then it's a shame not to have anyone with me. Because if you traveling with someone, you can make everything somehow beautiful.



4) To be admired or rated for traveling alone


Here I would like to make one thing clear: Just because I'm not afraid to travel alone doesn't mean I'm always courageous. I am also not a lone fighter who does not want to be tied to anything or anyone or who has nowhere to put down roots.

I am neither addicted to freedom nor always strong and independent. I also need love, security and people who will walk with me on my path in life. I also have bad days, down hours or sometimes just not in the mood for the next stage destination.

Many tend to have one woman traveling alone in a drawer to get stuck. She likes positive how negative fail for me. Some admire it, others smile at it.

What traveling alone really does to me very personal means what it means for my life and why I want to do it again and again, many do not ask about it at all.



5) Having to fight for solo time


The longer I practice traveling alone (and maybe also the older I get), the more I want more regularly when I travel really time for me and the moment. Time to watch the sunsets. To listen to the wind. To feel the sea breeze. Switch off on a hike or immerse yourself in a good book in a park.

I just want to go to the hostel have my peace. I want to listen to music, work on my laptop, plan my next travel destination. Or just lie in a hammock and do nothing.

Above all, I want to do this often not entertaining at all. I just don't want to be bothered.

Well, it shouldn't be a problem as a solo traveler, right? Think!

Sometimes I need my rest, mine I-time, downright defend. Maybe I'll answer the first one with a short "yes", who asks me if I have work to do on the laptop. Maybe I'll be able to hide from the next two or three guests. Sooner or later, however, there will be a situation where I will No longer simply avoiding a conversation can.

And then I get caught up in one thing too quickly. It's kind of nice to chat with someone and have contact.

In the end, however, sometimes it can be me cost a lot of energyto make others understand that I really WANT to be alone right now.



6) Feeling lonely among many people


Generally I am a extroverted personwho makes new contacts quickly and can easily warm up to strangers.

The whole thing becomes difficult when traveling alone, however, when around me hardly any other single travelers are. When I enter a lounge area in the hostel and see how groups, couples or befriended teams of two are sitting everywhere.

Or if I as only non-native speaker end up in a group of English-speaking people. Although my English is good enough to get compliments on a regular basis, I often can't keep up with quick conversations. Too much slang, too much colloquial language, too many swallowed syllables or whole words.

On good days I can still integrate myself wonderfully. However, I feel at bad ones every now and then lonely, if many people around me who talk lively.



7) The feeling of missing out on something at home


When I travel for a while, I regularly have the feeling that I am missing out on everything at home. Sometimes stressed this thought me so much that I think with fear and anxiety about the time after the trip, when I will meet all sorts of people as soon as possible schedule would like to. After all, you haven't seen each other for two or three weeks.

I think that if I went out with friends or loved ones I would have less of this feeling. Because then I would have one Part of my home with me.



8) You can't always do everything you want


At least not in exactly the way you'd like to do.

For example, when I feel like having a drink or partying in the evening. In that case I am traveling alone rely, Meet peoplewho also feel like it. Or I would have to go out on my own - and that doesn't suit me at all (because I would come across point 6).

But I don't always come into good contact with other people everywhere. And even if there is, it can of course happen that interests diverge widely.

Fortunately, backpacking situations don't happen very often. If I want to go party, I can be in one Hostel nest, which is known for party evenings. If I feel like playing card games, I can almost certainly assume that I'm in a generally sociable hostel Find playing partner.

Nevertheless hangs all of that in the first place actually from the hostel and which the atmosphere prevails there. And it is not always possible to plan what you might feel like doing on the same or next day and evening.



9) You have to overcome yourself again and again


Yes, even me, after five years of regular solo trips to different corners of the world, some things still cost me overcoming. Not always the same and not always the same. But it still happens that when I travel alone, I make my own right jerk must give.

A jolt to join an existing group in the hostel. A jolt to drive to the beach by yourself. A jolt to sit in a café that doesn't have an English menu. A jolt to leave my room again in the evening and go out. A jolt to just let me drift.

Fortunately will every overcoming is rewarded. With interesting people, beautiful moments, great landscapes, a delicious meal, satisfaction. But first of all I have to bring it up.



Closing words


I really enjoy the world on your own to discover. However, over the past few years I've found that I not always and exclusively only travel alone would like to. Maybe it's age, who knows. Nevertheless, I see that Solo travel still as a travel style that many gifts that I would not want to do without in the future either. And I still want to recommend everyone to the Traveling alone once a chance to give.


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