Would you change something about Albus Dumbledore?


Amelia's first day at Hogwarts, apart from this strange conversation with Professor Snape, actually went quite well, so that Amelia doesn't have as bad a feeling as she did at the beginning. At first she was skeptical as to whether this is really what she wanted, but she keeps reminding herself that she can actually only judge this situation when she has agreed on her schedule with Dumbledore. And who knows, maybe she just chooses the subjects that Snape doesn't teach. After all, Dumbledore had told her that she didn't have to choose a busy schedule. She only has to choose about 3 subjects, he will fill the rest with her private lessons for her strength. That sounds like a slim chance to Amelia of getting that strange teacher.

And even if not, she's a 26 year old witch who is perfectly capable of dealing with this Professor Snape objectively and without any problems. That he's about her age may improve the situation a little. In addition, Amelia does not have to take any exams here (or she does not have to pass them), since she had already taken them at another school after receiving her powers. Accordingly, she only takes part in the class because Dumbledore asks her to do so. And that, too, will only be so that she can connect with the others and not hide in her room all the time when she shouldn't have lessons. And Amelia would, she knows. When she doesn't have to work, she often just sits around at home and reads. Or think about how boring their life is. But she would never change anything about it.

And if she is honest, then she finds the offer to take part in classes very tempting too. Because she's pretty sure that not every school teaches the same, even if they say so. Perhaps she will learn something here that can be useful to her later and that she does not yet know. And if not, refreshing your knowledge isn't necessarily stupid.

Amelia ties her shoes and then takes one last look in the mirror. When she is satisfied with herself, she leaves her room and goes straight to Dumbledore's office. Fortunately, the way there is pretty uneventful. Here and there a few students meet her and look at her strangely, but that is nothing compared to what she had to experience at her old school. She feels that she is still particularly attentive when she walks past the students, because she knows that these were always the perfect moments for her classmates to bewitch them. If Amelia just wanted to go to her class and didn't expect someone to raise their wand at her. At some point she had switched to holding her wand permanently in her hand when she had moved through her school so that she could defend herself at any time. At the time she started having more stress with teachers, but she didn't care. She was rather shocked that her teachers told her that they didn't believe her, that her classmates used to bewitch her all the time. After all, it would only have been so since Amelia constantly threatened her classmates with the magic wand and provoked stress. It was the height for her then that her own teachers did not believe her and blamed her for it all. She couldn't talk to her mother at the time because the two of them had a terrible relationship when all of this happened. Her mother would probably have joined her teachers if Amelia had just said one wrong word.

Amelia arrives in front of Dumbledore's office and pushes thoughts of her past aside when the door opens in front of her.

Motivated, she climbs the steps and goes up to Dumbledore's office. Ort she opens the door and looks directly at his desk. He's already waiting for her and when she enters she sees him smiling.