Is there a passport for Singapore

Singapore will allow entry with the IATA Travel Pass from May

From May, vacationers arriving by plane to Singapore will have the opportunity to show their COVID-19 health status by using the IATA travel pass.

The digital Corona pass introduced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) at the end of last year is intended to promote cooperation between laboratories, travelers, airlines and governments. IATA hopes that through their scheme tourism will be started again worldwide. According to an IATA press release, Singapore wants to make entry with the IATA travel pass possible from May.

IATA Travel Pass App available this month

The IATA Travel Pass was tested for the first time by an airline with Singapore Airlines in March. After the positive test phase, Singapore announces: a negative PCR test result proven by the IATA Travel Pass, before check-in and at the immigration checkpoint at Changi Airport after arrival, will be accepted by the city-state from May 1, 2021.

This step was made possible by a cooperation between IATA and the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority, which, according to IATA, enables seamless and efficient travel. The IATA Travel-Pass is a contactless travel app that will be available for download from mid-April for IOS and at the end of April for Android.

App offers hope for Singapore

From a German perspective, Singapore is currently neither a high-incidence nor a risk area, with a daily average of around 25 new COVID infections per 100,000 inhabitants. With COVID-19 infections under control in Singapore, the government's focus has shifted from reducing the number of infections to vaccinating and opening borders. Opening the borders is at the core of the IATA Travel-Pass Initiative. The pass not only offers passengers a verifiable, secure and privacy-oriented way to show their test and vaccination results, but also gives governments the confidence they need to reopen their borders. The opening of the borders is crucial for the aviation and tourism industries, which have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially important for Singapore as international travel is critical to its economy.

The EU Commission itself announced last month that its “digital green certificate” should be available to travelers from June. The proof should be considered a kind of EU vaccination pass, which in turn should also contain more information (e.g. PCR test results). This should make traveling within the Schengen area possible in summer. However, it is unclear how this strategy will be continued outside of Europe and whether the IATA travel pass will be used or whether the green pass will be promoted further. For Germans, however, hardly anything will change with the introduction of the IATA Travel Pass, because so far there is no information that the 14-day quarantine will be abolished.

Conclusion on using the IATA Travel Pass in Singapore

The IATA Travel Pass not only serves as a protected opportunity for passengers to transmit their personal COVID-19 test and vaccination data to foreign authorities, but also as an encouragement for governments to open their borders. Thus, the IATA Travel Pass gives the tourism and aviation industry the necessary impetus. This is particularly important for nations like Singapore, whose economy is badly affected by the tourism industry.