Regret moving to Idaho

Hundreds of snakes attack the house

A young family bought a house in Idaho for $ 180,000. But that turned into a beating nightmare.

A nightmare came true for a young family in the USA: They moved into a house that was infested by hundreds of snakes.

The five-bedroom property is idyllically located on nearly 8,000 square meters of land in the US state of Idaho. For $ 180,000, it seemed like a bargain to Ben and Amber Session.

According to their own statements, the sessions lay awake at night and listened to the meandering in the walls. "It was like one of those horror films," said the 31-year-old family man. Sometimes the lot seemed to move around the house near the town of Rexburg because it was littered with so many garter snakes.

Ben Sessions got up every morning in front of his wife and two young sons to check that no line had entered the house overnight. That didn't always work. One day he heard a scream from his then pregnant wife from the laundry room, who had almost stepped on a line. He found his wife, who had jumped on the washing machine in a panic. "I was afraid she was going to miscarry," said Ben Sessions.

42 snakes killed in one day

The family invited relatives to witness and took photos. At the height of the plague, Sessions killed 42 snakes in one day until he decided he couldn't do it anymore. He said he waged a war against the snakes and "they won".

The Sessions had little control over the seller when they finally decided to move out after only three months: When they bought the property in September 2009, they were informed in writing that there were queues in the house. But the realtor had assured the young couple that the reptile plague was just an invention of the previous owner, and the Sessions decided to buy it.

A neighbor, Dustin Chambers, now expressed regret that he had not been able to warn the family in time. "I was sorry," he said. “When we found out that someone had bought the house, they (the sessions) had already moved in. It was too late. ”In Rexburg, a small college town in southeast Idaho, the house has long been known as the“ Snake House ”. According to biologists, the reason for the plague is probably that the house was once built on a winter camp by snakes.

The day after their daughter was born in December 2009, the sessions moved out and filed for personal bankruptcy. "We're not going to pay for a house full of queues," said Ben Sessions. His wife explained, “It was just so stressful. It was as if we were living in hell, there is no other way of expressing it. "

Neighbor now wants to warn all interested parties

The house was eventually bought by JP Morgan Chase Bank and was valued at $ 109,200 in January. According to Chase, he has not yet decided what to do with the snake house. It is currently not for sale.

"It's not right to keep selling this house," said Ben Sessions. He and his wife were still suffering from nightmares and post-traumatic stress and had not yet recovered financially.

In any case, neighbor Chambers now wants to warn all interested parties at an early stage. "If we see someone now, we'll let them know," he said. "Nobody should fall into the same trap anymore."

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