How do I take a picture

With these tips for the perfect photo | These 5 tricks professional photographers use with every picture

Everyone knows it: you want to capture a unique memory and take the perfect photo that will last forever. But the end result is often not what you expected.

The colors look different, the motif doesn't come across as well, you are disappointed. This scenario is not an isolated case, because photography is a science in itself. But you can learn this! So that you don't have any more stupid photo faux pas, here are 5 simple tricks you can use to improve your photos immediately.

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5 tips to help you get better photos right away

► The golden ratio

The photographer's rule is that the main subject should not be in the center of the picture. It doesn't matter whether the subject is landscapes, people or architecture. The main motif should be arranged slightly to the side or vertically. This simple rule makes the overall result look much more natural and less posed.

► Be careful with portraits

Always pay attention to the lighting. Indoors, you can take photos in front of a window, as the photographer can also take the back light from outside. In outdoor areas, it is advisable to take pictures in the morning, afternoon or evening, as the midday sun often leads to overexposed photos.

► Create a pleasant atmosphere

Pictures only look natural if the model is comfortable. Create a relaxed and easy atmosphere with music or a nice conversation. This can have a calming effect on the model, who therefore moves much more calmly in front of the camera.

tip: Try to take photos while moving. That seems particularly informal!

► Third rule

You can use this rule when editing and cropping your pictures. To put it simply, you have to draw two vertical and two horizontal lines through your picture. The main motif should either lie at the intersection of two lines or run along a line. This effect gives you a more professional and natural result.

Attention: Do not cut the main motif too tightly so that the overall impression remains harmonious.

► Taking photos with the mobile phone

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Of course, many memories are made with it and unique pictures are taken. In order for this to work optimally, you should always make sure to avoid very harsh contrasts such as shade and sun, as cell phone cameras are not designed for this. The sun should not shine directly into the cell phone lens; this also means that pictures are severely overexposed.

tip: Image stabilizers can be useful. These ensure less blurred images. For more tips, please read the article 5 tips for really good smartphone photos.

also: The front camera of a smartphone is useful for selfies, but a lot of quality is lost. Better capture memories with the main camera!

Correct resolution

Do you want to print out your highlights? Then pay particular attention to the number of pixels across times up. If there are too few pixels, the photo will appear pixelated or blurry when printed.

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