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Friendship Plus: The 10 most important rules of the game for Friends with Benefits

Even if it is certainly not for everyone and many keep their hands off it in order not to jeopardize a good friendship for a bit of sex: Many singles have a best friend with whom they crash every now and then. In other words: land in the box.

If everyone can handle it without any problems, a nice thing. Nobody says that you can only get up close and personal in one relationship. And if you like someone a lot, why not a little more than like?

Sounds like Friendship Plus is the ultimate recipe for singles with cuddle needs! Unfortunately, the balancing act between a little love and even more friendship doesn't always work out. Woe to him who loses his heart in a friendly intoxication. Then acute lovesickness threatens and the friendship is also history.

Friends with Benefits also need rules

So to prevent a rude awakening, the rules of the game for Friends with Benefits are an absolute must! The most important prerequisite: The combination of carefree friendship and passionate sex happens in mutual agreement. Sex and feelings are strictly separated.

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Here are some more important rules for Friends with Benefits:

1. Establish the rules of the game for your friendship together and talk openly about your expectations. If you suddenly ended up in bed together, you should talk openly afterwards about what exactly that was and what it should be in the future. A one-time slip? From now on more often, but without obligation or whatever.

2. As soon as the attachment hormone throws a spanner in the works, you have to talk about your emotional chaos! So if you feel more, you have to tell the other clearly. Because if one of them wants more, the Friends-with-Benefits box won't work.

3. Keyword: non-binding. Try to see your friendship plus for what it is: A community of convenience between two people who like each other very much, but are ultimately "just" friends. Neither of the two has a claim to the other; both are free to do what they want.

4. Do you really want to know who he's meeting? We recommend: Don't talk about other romances and dates. Better to keep your other bed stories, dates, or feelings of infatuation to yourself.

5. Feel good with him, have a lot of fun in bed, but always keep a cool head! You must both be able to press the stop button at any time.

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6. As passionate as sex may be, it just has to be the man to lean on. Just because you guys crash together every now and then doesn't mean he's no longer your buddy, who has an open ear for you and your worries.

7. Sunday crime scene evenings, bedtime text messages: be careful not to develop couple rituals with him. As friends, please, but not this classic couple's box, please.

8. A toothbrush and a change of underwear with him are extremely practical, but do not fit this type of relationship. So always pack your toothbrush again.

9. Even if it should be taken for granted, we will say it again anyway: Despite all the passion and despite all the trust among friends: never forget the contraception!

10. Stay away from your colleague, even if you may be friends, he is and will remain part of your job. And that quickly makes the non-commitment complicated and the outcome immensely unpredictable.

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