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WhatsApp: Send automatic reply - this is how it works

Sometimes you don't have time to write back on WhatsApp. If you don't want to keep your contacts waiting too long, you can simply send automatic replies to WhatsApp.

We'll show you how to have messages answered automatically. You need an additional app for this. Currently, there are auto-reply applications only for Android phones. This feature cannot be used with an iPhone. Here you still have to take action yourself to answer.

Set the vacation notice in WhatsApp - only for Android

This is how you can easily set a general out-of-office message when you take a break from Messenger or have an automatic text sent back depending on the content of the received message:

  1. First, download an AutoResponder app from the Google Play Store. Applications such as AutoResponder for WA or Auto Reply for whats are suitable for this. The basic functions of the apps are free of charge.
  2. Grant the app access to your notifications. This is how the app recognizes that a WhatsApp message has been received.
  3. Now tap on that Plus symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.
  4. Set up rules according to which the automatic reply should be sent. For example, enter an out-of-office message for all WhatsApp messages received or set that you only want to respond to texts with certain words.
  5. Scroll down to enter an answer text.
  6. Optionally, you can make further settings for your automatic reply. For example, you can select individual contacts to whom the specified answer should be sent. All other WhatsApp messages remain unanswered.

Automatically reply to WhatsApp message

If you activate the paid pro version, you have further design options for your automatic WhatsApp response. For example, in order not to make the auto-answer appear too conspicuous, set a time after which the app should send the message. You also specify the times at which the messages should be sent. For example, you can inform your contacts that you are currently unavailable, at work or away from home. In addition, the rule can be paused for certain times of the day. This setting is suitable, for example, if you plan fixed WhatsApp times during the day and ignore the messenger for the rest of the day.

Tip: If you spend too much time with the messenger, we will help you elsewhere: Screen time for Android - free apps for conscious cell phone use.

The automatic replies can be set up with the AutoResponder not only for WhatsApp. You will also find corresponding apps for the popular messenger services Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. We'll also show you how to send WhatsApp messages with a time delay.