Who has a crush on your crush

Do i love him How you can tell you have a crush on him

Hi, I'm Yoko and I am writing on this blog under the title Mission love Dating and love items.

Once a week I will give you helpful tips on how to find your dream man, optimize yourself or make your relationship a complete success. Today is about how you can easily tell if you really have a crush on your crush!

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Feelings are a really difficult thing. How do you know if you really like a person?

Is it just a crush or is there maybe more to it?

It's not that easy to admit to yourself: Yes, I have a crush ...

Not to mention being in love or in love.

How you can test yourself to see if you have a crush on a guy doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think.

Here I have 5 clear signs for you that you are in love, with which you can test yourself and get a little more clarity in your emotional state!

Have fun!

Do i love him How you can tell you have a crush on him

1. You feel its presence in every cell of the body

Having a really crush on a guy makes itself felt with us women in different situations.

You can feel it directly in your body. We always talk about the soft knees, but that's not all. Your heart beats very fast, you blush, sweats & shaky hands ... These can all be signs that you are standing near your big crush.

Knowing exactly where in the body the feeling of having a crush is not exactly clear medically. A person in love releases more messenger substances that cause such reactions in the body. Despite the research, love still remains a great secret.

Even if you're telling yourself, No, I'm not that into this guy ... Your body will send you clear signals.

You are well advised to listen to your body and take these signs seriously. Of course people are different, but in most cases falling in love starts in the body and not in the head. Allow yourself this beautiful feeling. You'll be floating on cloud nine!

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2. You don't take your eyes off your cell phone

Already chatting with your crush?

The people around you will immediately recognize that you really like him when they observe your behavior on their cell phones.

You can no longer take your eyes off your cell phone and hope for a new message from him every minute. When will he finally send an answer?

You want as much attention from him as you can. You would like best if his thoughts only revolve around you and he always sends you an answer directly and you can just chat and fool around for a whole evening.

You roll around in your bed in the evening and can't even fall asleep without sending him a little message or an emoji ...

This is a super sweet phase that you are in and luckily in the 21st century you can talk to each other so relaxed. Imagine you still have to send letters to each other and wait weeks for the man of your dreams to reply ...

3. You keep thinking about what he's doing right now

All of your thoughts revolve around your crush. You can't get it out of your head because of all the emotions.

When you spend time with your friends or alone, the only thing you can think about is what he's doing and who he spends his time with and prefers you.

That can pull you down a lot.

Unfortunately, that's the downside of being in love. Unfortunately, women tend to stress themselves more unnecessarily in this phase, as nothing solid has emerged from the flirtation. Maybe he doesn't have the same feelings for you and is not in love with you at all.

It makes no sense that you're driving yourself crazy now. You are not yet in a relationship and everyone can continue to do what they want ... Try to distract yourself, even if it is difficult. Do something with your friends and family.

Distraction is the most important thing at this moment!

4. You no longer think about old relationships

Point four is again one of the pleasing qualities of love or being in love.

On days when you have no distractions and, to make matters worse, have to watch another relationship on TV or in a restaurant, you automatically think back to past relationships.

Nobody likes to be alone and the ex-boyfriend usually pops up unexpectedly in their thoughts or dreams, even if that time was a long time ago.

This is over when you fall in love again. You no longer have bad thoughts with you about ex-boyfriends who hurt you and really misbehaved.

For you, everything revolves around your new crush, and that's how it should be!

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5. Your everyday life blossoms

Love is in the air!

The love in the air ensures in a wonderful way that your everyday life and life really flourishes.

In the days of your first crush, your friends are unlikely to recognize you at all.

You radiate a positive and loving aura that simply sweeps everyone else away. Other women will notice it right away!

You buy new clothes or change your hairstyle. In this phase, the reaction of your body and heart prompts you to question and renew many habits in your everyday life.

You want to optimize yourself for your crush. During this phase, your apartment will be tidier than ever!

Really enjoy this time and try to get the best out of it for yourself. Nobody can predict how your relationship with this new guy will develop in your life.

Even if the relationship doesn't end up being committed or the crush turns into a nightmare. What love does to you, no one can take away from you.

Finding the right guy is not easy, then having a great relationship is the hardest part.

With me you will make it! Create the best version of yourself and notice how the guys can no longer take their eyes off you!

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