Community colleges are bad

A Community College is an educational institution from the tertiary education sector, i. H. a university with teaching and research.

Community colleges - small universities with local connections

Be in the United States of America (USA) Community colleges also Junior colleges, City colleges or Technical colleges and offer a two-year university course in a variety of subject areas, such as languages, computer science, natural sciences, medicine, etc.

After their graduation (Associate Degree) most students attend another college or university around theirs Bachelor’s Degree to be completed. Because all Community colleges maintain good relationships with other colleges and universities and are with the tertiary partners with the "College Credit Transfer and Recommendation System" connected. This system ensures that the achievements of each individual student are recognized and credited. In addition, academic achievements at colleges and universities in Germany can be recognized.

Many students leave this after graduation Community College and start working straight away. Some return to theirs as part of training programs Community College back for further training.

For German school leavers there is a Gap year or studying at one Community College an excellent option after graduation.

Because Community colleges

  • also accept younger students: ideal for everyone aged 16 and over
  • are smaller than other universities and therefore manageable
  • are more practice-oriented and focus on the students
  • are cheaper than other universities because they are publicly funded
  • are usually close to the city center

and much more.

Internships are also possible

In connection with the American student status, it is possible for students from Europe

  • on campus to work or job
  • off campus to work for international organizations (e.g. Red Cross, SOS Children's Villages, etc.) or
  • accept a paid internship,

if the student's F1 visa allows this option and that International Student Office of the college approved this. But don't worry: they Community colleges help you to find a suitable place.

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