How is money made with prisoners

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Until further notice, in view of the suspension of the prisoner visit, the amount of the monthly allowable payment for special money I is increased by 36.00 euros to 107.05 euros.

The prisoners have no cash in the institution. The institution is responsible for the administration of its funds. Handing over money is an administrative offense.
Working inmates have a monthly salary. Each prisoner has to save 4/7 of this earnings for the time after his / her release, the so-called bridging allowance. The remaining amount (3/7) can be spent as "house money" for the procurement of food, luxury goods and personal care products in the institution.
Prisoners who are innocently out of work receive pocket money of z. Currently 40.53 € / month. Prisoners on remand who cannot get a job can only shop with the money that is sent to them.

You can give your imprisoned relative a maximum of € 71.05 (= special money I) per month for postage stamps / telephone charges / food and beverages to the

Account of the Central Paying Office for the Prison
Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW Bank)
IBAN: DE25 6005 0101 0004 5521 07

transfer. You can obtain appropriately prepared transfer slips / payment slips from the visiting staff.
In addition, a payment for reintegration purposes (e.g. dentures, glasses, application documents ...) is possible - also to the aforementioned bank account - in individual cases (= special money II), if the prisoner has previously obtained permission for this from his prison manager; the amount depends on the intended use.

Your deposit is only available to the prisoner after it has been booked on his account. Until then, it usually takes three working days from the payment to the bank or from the transfer order.

All transfers that you want to make must contain the following information:

  • Surname, first name and date of birth of the detainee (pre-printed field)
  • Institution ID: AK55 (preprinted field)
  • Reason for payment / intended use (e.g. special money I, dentures, glasses, etc.).

Only with this information can incoming payments be reliably assigned and mix-ups avoided.

The staff of the institution are not allowed to receive any money. Deposits are - as described - only possible with a transfer form via a bank.

If you have any further questions that your relative or the official in the visiting department cannot answer, please contact the prison manager responsible or the social worker. You can find the responsibility on the notice at the gate guard.