Is yahoo answers bad

Internet Yahoo Mail Problems - What To Do?


If you're having trouble logging into Yahoo, or the website, buttons, and menus are slow or non-working, here's how to counteract them. Often the problem is not on your side, but on the server side with Yahoo! You can find out how to remedy other general problems in our article.

Problems at Yahoo?

First, check your Internet connectionto determine if the problem is due to a non-existent connection. If not, go to to find out if there is a general problem with Yahoo. Often these are server-side problems that Yahoo solves in a timely manner. After a while, just try accessing Yahoo Mail again. If the problem is not temporary, you can also contact Yahoo Customer Service.

Website or menus are slow or not working at all

There are several reasons why the menu navigation appears slow or checking your e-mail in the Yahoo account may not work.

1. First of all, you should check out whether your Browser up to date and install appropriate updates. The latest versions of browsers that support Yahoo Mail can always be found on the hot download page.

Notice that the old Internet Explorer Yahoo Mail Notmoresupported. Instead, use the Edge Browser.

2. See if the Yahoo service is working on another computer or mobile device.


3. Deactivate You browserAddonslike an ad blocker.

4. Make sure that Javascript is activated in your browser:

5. To empty You the Cache memory Your browser. It can happen that the data stored in the cache memory is out of date or damaged. Follow the link for the browser you are using:

6. Make sure you have Cookies for Yahoo Mail activate. Cookies are files created by websites that you visit: