Where is the location of the 886 area code

Country code 00886 or +886

Country code 00886 or +886 - what's the difference?

The problem is that telephone networks around the world have developed independently of one another. In order to create a synchronization of the phone numbers, one has therefore introduced the world-wide country codes. If you enter it at the beginning of a conversation, you signal that you want to have an international conversation - e.g. to Taiwan.

The spelling +886 is the so-called international notation, which is mainly used in mobile communications. The international prefix +886 can establish a call to Taiwan on any cellular network around the world.

Problem: Traffic exit code in area code 00886

Older devices and some networks do not support the international standard. Here you use the second notation (i.e. area code 00886). The problem, the country code 00886 for Taiwan works like this mainly in Germany and Europe. It cannot be used in this notation in every country in the world.

The two leading zeros of the area code 00886 are also known as the traffic elimination number. They apply in Germany and in many European countries. However, other countries in the world have a different traffic elimination rate.

If you are in the USA and want to talk to Taiwan, the country code 00886 is used Not can do a lot. In the USA, the traffic elimination number is not 00, but 011. A call to Taiwan from the USA is therefore set up with the area code 011886.