What is a Video Marketing Tool

video marketing tools

WeVideo is a cloud-based online video editor that allows you to create, watch and share videos. So you only need an internet-enabled device and can start anywhere and anytime. The ease of use makes it possible to create high-quality videos (up to 4K resolution) even without extensive knowledge. WeVideo also has an extensive stock library of images, videos, graphics and audio clips that you can choose from to make your video even more professional. WeVideo also offers a green screen feature. A special feature of the tool is the JumpStart function. With this you can edit your video directly locally and do not have to wait until the required files have been uploaded to the cloud.

Target group: WeVideo is not only aimed at companies, but also at schools and private individuals who want to create videos quickly and easily.

Price: WeVideo offers a free plan so you can get to know the tool without any risk in the first place. The basic package then starts at $ 7.99 a month, while the Professional and Business versions cost $ 17.99 and $ 39.99 a month, respectively. For companies, the Professional and Business packages are of particular interest, as they offer a significantly larger range of functions with which the full effect of the tool can only really develop.