What potion would you take

Harry Potter - Hogwarts Mystery: Dining with Friends and Drinking Butterbeer

friend question answer Rowan Khanna What are Dumbledore's hobbies? Chamber music / bowling with ten cones. What is his title? Very high animal / school spokesman. Where does his brother work? In the boar's head. What's Dumbledore's title? Principal. Where was Dumbledore born? Mold-on-the-wold. What year was he born? 1881. What is he best known for? Defeat Grindelwald. Describe Dumbledore's wand. It is the elder wand. Who is his pet Fawkes. What was our first lesson? Magic art. What was our second lesson? Potions. What was the first spell we learned? Lumos. Where was our first broom flying lesson? Training ground. What was our first potion? Healing potion for boils. What was our second potion? Mega power potion. What exploded in your cauldron? Powder. What is my favorite game Leprechaun Stone. What did we buy after we met? Dress. Who is my favorite teacher? Dumbledore. Where did we meet? Diagon Alley. Ben Copper Which joke article am I most afraid of? Fang-toothed frisbee. Which potion am I most afraid of? Weedosoros. Which teacher am I most afraid of? Snape. Which spell am I most afraid of? Avada Kedabra. Which place am I most afraid of? Azkaban. Which student am I most afraid of? Merula. Who is my favorite classmate? I. What is my favorite holiday? Christmas. What is my favorite animal being? Cuddly muff. What is my favorite food Crisps. What is my favorite drink? Butterbeer. What's my favorite candy? Syrup candies. What is my favorite pet Toad. Which class am I best in? Magic art. Who is my Head of House? Professor McGonagall. Who intimidated me? Merula. Why does Hogwarts scare me so much? You come from a Muggle family. Where did we meet? In the castle. Where do I like to hide? The artifact room. Penny Haywood What is a healing potion for boils made of? Whelks. What is a shrink potion made of? Shriveled fig. What is Doxycide made of? Bundimmunsekret./Drachenleber. What is a Polyjuice Potion made of? Knotweed. / River grass. What is forgetfulness potion made of? Lethe river water / valerian branches. What is Watch Potion made of? Wolfroot / standard ingredients. What is the Schwell solution made of? Puffer fish eyes./Dried nettles. What's my family name? Haywood. What is my favorite lesson? Potions. What am I known for? Be good at potions. Where did we meet? West towers. We met for the first time after you had a duel against ... Merula. Who is my Head of House? Professor Sprout. Who is my favorite Hufflepuff? Professor Sprout. Bill Weasley Who is our Head of House? Professor McGonagall. Where is our common room? The Gryffindor Tower. What do you associate with us? Bravery. What does our house coat of arms show? A lion. Who is our house spirit? Almost headless Nick. Who is a famous Gryffindor? James Potter./Sirius Black. Who was our founder? Godric Gryffindor. Who was your first enemy? Merula. Who was your first friend here? Rowan. Where did you duel with Merula? The courtyard from the bell tower. Where would you go in Diagon Alley? Ollivanders./ Flourish and Blotts. How did you find the cursed ice cream? I followed Snape and Filch. How did you get away from Mrs. Norris? With a sleeping pill. Who gave you house points? Flitwick / Dumbledore. Where did we meet? The training ground. Where does my father work? Ministry of Magic. What is my aim? Become a curse breaker. What's my last name? Weasley. How many siblings do I have? Six. Where do i live The Burrow. Nymphadora Tonks What is the name of Filch's cat? Mrs. Norris. Before Flich, who was the caretaker? Rancorous Carpe./Apollyon Pringle. What does he keep in his office? Fireworks / Shackles. Who does Flich hate most? Peeves. Who is Filch's favorite? Mrs. Norris. Where does he spend his vacation? He doesn't do that. What cool spells did you learn? Incendio./Revelio. What cool potions did you learn? Strengthening potion / swell solution. What do you find with Revelio? A secret staircase. What guarded the haunted dungeons? An ice knight./An enchanted door. What clue did you find? A transformed black quill pen / footprints in the forbidden corridor. Where did you sneak in? Another house's common room. What was in the dungeon? A Mysterious Book / My Brother's Broken Wand. What is my first name? Nymphadora. What is my favorite greeting? Hey What is my dream job? Auror. Where is my favorite place in Hogsmeade? Zonko's joke shop. Tulip Karasu What magic potion will help you sneak around? Invisibility Potion / Polyjuice Potion. Where can you hide things The artifact room. What's a good remedy for pranks? Fang-toothed frisbee. What's the worst punishment? To fly from school. Who is the greatest troublemaker? Peeves./Du. Where should you buy joke items? Zonko's joke shop. Who should you watch out for? Mr. Flich./Professor Snape. What do i call you Name and first name. Who was I friends with before? Merula. What is my pet Toad. Where did we meet? The classroom for transformation. Where do my parents work? Ministry of Magic. What is my favorite prank? Stink bombs. Barnaby Lee Where did we meet? Potions class. Who was my father known to? You know who. What am I known for? Be tough. Who is my Head of House? Professor Snape. Who was I friends with before? Merula./Ismelda. Who specializes in kites? A dragonologist. Which animal is from Africa? Fwuuper./Phönix. Which animal can speak? Acromantula./Jarvey. Which animal can fly? Snallygaster./Hippogriff. What is best as a pet? Cuddly muff. Which animal lays eggs? Augurey./Chimera. Name a world class animal expert ... Newt Scamander./Gulliver Pokeby. Andre Egbwu Which magician knows fashion? Gilderoy Lockhart./Albus Dumbledore. Who determines dress codes? Wizengamot. What are the dress codes for the public? International Statute of Confidentiality. Who is the President of F.U.R.Z.? Archie Aymslowe. What is a traditional magical robe? Pointed hats. / Simple capes. Where can I shop in Hogsmeade? Gladrag's wizarding clothes. Where did we meet? Hogsmeade. What am I known for? Play quidditch. What's my family name? Egwu. What nickname do you use to call me? Curse breaker. What do I always want to do? Watching Quidditch. Who do I support? Portree's pride. Where do we meet most? The three brooms. Charlie Weasley What cool magic did you learn? Depulso./Riddikulus. What cool potions did you learn? Guard potion / antidote for commonly used poisons. What blocked the haunted dungeons? Bookshelf in the forbidden department./Du-weißt-schon-wer-Irwichte. Where did you sneak in? The forbidden department./Filch's office. What was in the dungeon? A map for the forbidden forest / A broken arrow. Describe a Romanian long horn. They have long golden horns. / They have dark green scales. Describe a Black Hebrides. They have bat-like wings. / They eat fresh venison. Describe a Peruvian viper tooth. They are the smallest of all dragons./They eat people. Describe a Norwegian spiked hump. They have spiky wings. / They feed on aquatic life. Describe a Hungarian horntail. They have a spiky tail./They spit fire up to 15 meters. Describe a Chinese fireball. Her eggs are purple / her spines are golden. Describe a Ukrainian iron belly. They have metal gray scales / They are the largest type of dragon.