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“Three, two, one - mine” - everyone knows the slogan of the eBay auction house. This extraordinary success story began on a weekend in September 1995: eBay founder Pierre Omidyar programmed the software for an auction site as a hobby and offered a broken laser pointer as the first product. Only a little later, the laser pointer changed hands for around 15 US dollars. Over the years the range has expanded from one Consumer-to-consumer marketplace with a flea market-like character, on which used goods from private sellers are offered, to one Business-to-consumer platform, on which new goods are offered by commercial dealers.


25 years after it was founded, the company is part of the old guard. Although it has had its most successful years, there are still numerous items for sale today. If you want to offer items on eBay, you should follow a few rules. In the following article we will give you some useful tips for selling.


Getting Started on eBay - Selling Commercial and Personal on eBay


If you want to become an eBay seller, you must first ask about the demarcation between the commercial and residential sales clarify. Any seller with an eBay account can in principle make private sales. The eBay shop is the expansion stage of a private eBay profile and is intended for commercial sellers. As a commercial seller, you can use the more professional options of an eBay shop, but you also have several obligations, including:


  • a proper imprint
  • a right of withdrawal and return at least for private buyers
  • a guarantee of at least 24 months on new goods and at least 12 months on used goods
  • the shipping risk lies with the seller


A business registration is required to open an eBay shop.


Open an account on eBay


First of all, you have to an eBay seller account set up, as this is the prerequisite for opening an eBay shop. The platform provides help pages that guide you through the entire registration process. At the beginning of the registration you have the possibility to create a commercial member account.


When setting up the seller account, you must, among other things


  • Confirm your identity (by phone, SMS or post),
  • Deposit account / credit card details,
  • Select your accepted payment methods (e.g. PayPal),
  • Specify the terms of sale for your eBay shop,
  • deposit the terms and conditions, which will later be displayed in your eBay shop.


Registration with PayPal


PayPal is one of the most important online payment systems and is therefore a must for every online shop. PayPal offers buyers protection, which creates trust in the offer and thus increases the chance that potential buyers will actually access it. PayPal is also eBay's payment service provider. The registration of PayPal does not run on eBay, but directly on the website of the payment provider. After you have set up a PayPal account, you need to connect it to your eBay account.


Select and set up an eBay shop


After creating the account as an eBay seller, you can choose which type of shop you would like to start trading online with. You have the choice between a basic shop, a top shop, a premium shop and a platinum shop: The various shops offer a different scope of services and differ with regard to the fee structure. Basically, you can start “small” and expand your basic shop later. You can find the function and price overview on eBay.


There are fees for every sale on eBay. These are usually between 5 and 15 percent of the sales price. You can find out how high the sales commission is in individual cases on this page.


For commercial sellers there is a comprehensive guide to get started.


List items in your own eBay shop


Now you can add the items you want to sell to your eBay shop. First you have to choose the offer format: You can choose between an auction offer and a fixed price offer. In order for buyers to be able to find the right products quickly, they must be assigned to the correct category. Add the most relevant product details and upload a meaningful product image. If you want to emphasize your article more, use additional options such as subtitles or additional images.


The Product description is the most important tool to be well received by customers (and search engines). At the beginning, provide important information (size, fit, color, etc.), followed by information on the country of origin, the brand and other product features.


The eBay Shop Design Center supports you with the design of your own eBay shop.


Complete the sale successfully


Have you sold your first product through your eBay shop? Once payment has been received from the customer, you should send the product quickly. A satisfied customer will rate you positively if they have received the goods quickly and without damage. And positive customer ratings are the basis for a successful eBay shop!


Offer management


There are a few programs you can use to help you sell on eBay, including:


  • Seller-Cockpit Pro - an eBay mask specially tailored to sellers, which, in addition to pure offer management, provides a detailed reporting system with which you can thoroughly analyze your activities on eBay.
  • Sales manager - a component of the seller's cockpit that offers scaled-down options for creating and processing offers, such as B. bundled preparation of offers, post-processing of sales.


4 tips for efficient selling on eBay


Tip 1


If possible, avoid shipping costs in your eBay shop and instead include them in the price calculation of your products. Thanks to Amazon & Co. it is now common practice that customers do not have to pay shipping costs.


Tip 2


Find out about the many tools that eBay and its partners can offer you, e. B. are offered for the administration of article master data, the posting of offers, and use them.


Tip 3


Photos are the first impression. Meaningful photos are extremely important for a successful sale. Light up the item properly, position it against a neutral background and take photos with a digital camera as sharp as possible. Absolutely taboo: copying images from the web or other auctions.


Tip 4


Your customer is the king: direct answering of questions, fast shipping processing and goodwill in the case of complaints are worthwhile for you in the long term!




eBay may be a better option than Amazon if you are just getting started selling on online platforms. This is mainly due to the fact that eBay is a marketplace solution, while Amazon is a store. For companies that sell on the platform, this means significantly higher quality and logistics requirements.


Before you decide on an eBay account and place your first offer on eBay, you should consider or check the following:


  • what niche you can fill in this market
  • Selling costs (e.g. commissions and currency conversion)
  • Logistics solutions (e.g. fulfillment within the platform or via a third-party provider)


To make your eBay activity meaningful, you should:


  • create good product descriptions,
  • pay attention to appealing pictures,
  • Make the most of the platform's marketing opportunities.

Anna von Kleist

March 22, 2021

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