What are automation tools

Data center

Areas of application of automation tools

The automatic and tool-supported execution of operational processes is used wherever either the operation of the IT infrastructure is complex or frequently recurring tasks have to be carried out. This includes, for example, the regular rectification of known problems as well as routine checks of environments, for example during the function check every morning. Manual processing is not only prone to errors here, it is also time-consuming and cost-intensive.

But even rare events such as a controlled shutdown and restart of systems in the event of a disaster, for test purposes or in the event of power cuts can be easily automated. IT administrators can react quickly without having to spend a lot of time looking for rarely used documentation. IT staff on standby who do not otherwise have the required authorization or qualification can also do this independently. The same applies to the service desk, where many processes can also be automated if they are stored in a knowledge database for known error cases. This increases the quality of service and speeds up troubleshooting.

Another challenge is the fast provision of systems and services. If these are to be available across departments or databases, this may take several weeks. The commissioning of a server usually affects the areas of network, firewall, operating system and application support and memory management. There are often breaks at the interfaces, so that the order is not precisely defined here. Cross-departmental process automation solves the problem.

Relevant data center tools are mainly used to map processes and work steps so that they can be carried out automatically with high quality and speed. This happens either semi-automatically, with the manual start of a defined process, or fully automatically. The processes are then started by external systems.