Why do I not understand myself

What's so wrong - I don't understand myself anymore

Face his devil
And at the moment I can't describe them as anything else, everyone seems to find their master. Exactly this behavior that she is currently showing, or when the relationship ended, that was actually my part. My mistake was apparently to have opened me again but with the wrong woman and hell it hurts a lot more. I have now kicked her out of all social networks etc., pictures of her celebrations, parties and celebrations trickled in every day. It's kind of like if she passed it somewhere else, the 9 months would simply have been blown away and I idiot sit there and step on the spot. I try to keep going, but I can't forget, why is it so goddamn easy for her, why can't I just do it like that. Simply say I don't care I'll go on living my life again.

And yes, my style is currently not the fine English, nobody in my area apart from a few selected friends are somehow allowed to come closer to me at the moment. 2 women really tried really hard for me, would have been my type normally, but I can't and won't give them a chance at the moment, don't want to open myself to anyone anymore, at least I don't want to run into such mental pain again so blindly.

Time is a factor that will probably do a lot better, but I have to throw it out of my skull somehow beforehand. I know that at the moment, this time I can't just do it.

I like it