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RB Leipzig uses innovative protection technology from Signify

Innovative protection technology! In professional football, the team's being together in the current situation places high demands on safety and hygiene concepts. In order to give players, coaches and supervisors additional protection, RB Leipzig is using the Home cabin of the Red Bull Arena as first association in Germany from now on the UV-C technology his "Official Partners" Signify - the World leader in lighting - a.

With Signify, the Red Bulls are breaking new ground in order to exploit the possibilities for protected processes and a safe execution of the game days.

Modern disinfection technology

RB Leipzig and Signify already had the joint in September official partnership announced for future-proof and eventful stadium lighting. Now comes the issue of disinfection and protection against pathogens modern technology from Signify for use: As the first stadium in Germany two Philips wall spotlights for UV-C disinfectionupper air spaces in the cabin wing Installed.

Here is artificially generated UV-C light, the short-wave form of ultraviolet light. This can inactivate viruses, bacteria and germs and render them harmless and can thus be used to disinfect air, surfaces and objects.

In laboratory tests, the Philips UV-C light sources that the Philips wall-mounted spotlights are equipped with reduced the infectivity of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) in one Surface in just nine seconds to a level that is no longer verifiable.