Are twins spiritually connected


Twins Multiple births (pregnancy, multiple births) are relatively rare in humans: Statistically speaking, twins are born only once in 80-90 births, of which there are 2 different types, namely dizygoti and monozygotic. Dizygoti twins are 2 children - 2 boys or girls or a boy and a girl - who are born by their mother on the same day and are no more similar than other siblings. This is understandable because they develop from two different egg cells which, exceptionally, have matured at the same time in the mother, while normally only one female egg cell is capable of fertilization every month (fertilization). This simultaneous maturation of two egg cells suggests a special fertility in women, which seems to be hereditary to a certain extent and the reason for this is that twin births occur far more frequently in some families than in others.

Twins who have been so similar to each other "like eggs to another" throughout their lives are identical. They owe their twin existence to the fact that shortly after the maternal egg cell was fertilized, the first two daughter cells that resulted from it separated and developed independently of each other into a perfect child. Identical twins of this kind naturally have the same sex, indeed identical genes, and are therefore confusingly similar in later life - unless the two children grow up under external circumstances that result in very different physical and mental development. This is the reason why twin research plays such an important role in heredity. After all, every living being is a product of genetic makeup and environmental influences, and only in the case of identical twins is it possible to make a precise statement about how far a property is inherited or environmental.

In order for a single fertilized female egg cell to develop into two completely independent, viable children, it is necessary that the first two daughter cells separate completely during cell division. If this is not the case, if they remain connected in a more or less large area, so-called Siamese twins can be born, i.e. 2 identical twins that are fused together - for example on the chest or head.