Should speak to strangers while traveling

Foreign country, foreign language - no problem!

Foreign countries, foreign language! While you might be able to get by with Business English at work, you don't want to come out as a tourist while on vacation. This includes having knowledge of the national language. But a language course is not possible before every trip - so how can you help yourself?

Know the important words of the destination country

Before you go on tour, you should at least acquire a few, but all the more important, words from the language of the destination country. When it comes to a city trip to Barcelona or the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, Spanish is in demand.

If you can at least say the greeting formulas as well as “Please” and “Thank you”, the locals will be happy, because this is how you signal openness and respect for the country and its culture. Perhaps you will even get a better price at the market stall or an insider tip where you can eat the best fish dishes or find a remote bay for swimming.

The right dictionary is crucial

If you want to have more vocabulary in the foreign language, you should get a suitable dictionary. Because here you will find whole sentences and formulations that can be useful to you during your stay in a foreign country. In addition to the correct terms, the phonetic transcription is also recorded in a good dictionary; so you can immediately know how to pronounce the word.

Picture dictionaries also do a good job here, because with the help of many photos and graphics, the corresponding terms are recorded in the foreign language and in German. If you are in a situation in which you want to use one or the other term, you can simply show this to the person you are speaking to by pointing to the illustration.