What is cheaper in singapore from india

Scoot plans low-cost flights Europe - India

It was quiet for a long time, but now the long-haul price war is in full swing. On transatlantic routes, Norwegian, Wow Air, Eurowings, Level and Aer Lingus offer affordable tariffs. And now the competition is heating up even further after Asia. Singapore Airlines ›Low-cost subsidiary Scoot has announced that it will soon be flying from Europe to India - with rock-bottom prices.

It should start as early as next year, reports the Times of India newspaper. Scoot wants to make use of the so-called fifth freedom in air traffic. This comes into play when an airline brings passengers from their home country to country B, accepts new passengers there and flies them to country C. For example, Emirates flies from Dubai on the route between Athens and New York through Fifth Freedom.

Vienna, Copenhagen, Manchester

Scoot is targeting destinations across Europe. "Because we have the fifth freedom, we can fly from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to cities like Copenhagen, Vienna, Cairo and Manchester," said Scoot's chief operating officer Bharath Mahadevan in the Times of India. The ticket prices would be around 350 euros for a return flight, he further announced - including luggage and food on board.

Scoot is already operating a long haul to Europe. The airline flies to Athens from the Singapore base. It even managed to set a small record and launched the longest flight offered by a low-cost airline. There the prices are in a similar range to what is targeted for the India routes.