How can I book a ticket online?

Flexible on the go with the HandyTicket

Buying tickets with the VBB “Bus & Bahn” app: No waiting times, no change, always mobile - this means more convenience when buying tickets. Simply buy tickets with the VBB app!

The VBB app "Bus & Bahn" enables you to pay for VBB tickets directly with your mobile phone - from single tickets to day tickets to connecting tickets. The journey can start with all means of transport in Berlin and Brandenburg. Of course, you can also buy the ticket in other apps, but you don't have to register with the VBB app and you can also buy tickets for the network and bicycles.

Travel flexibly with the HandyTicket in the #VBBLand

HandyTicket Deutschland is integrated into the VBB app. You choose and buy the ticket in a very convenient way to start your journey straight away - e. B. on the way to the bus or train. You can also purchase the mobile phone ticket for fellow travelers, dogs and bicycles. HandyTicket Deutschland can be used in the VBB as well as in many other regions of Germany. Register for the HandyTicket Deutschland and manage your customer account at!

Different payment methods to choose from

Payment can be made by PayPal, direct debit, credit card or transfer to a prepaid account. A detailed list of all tickets purchased is available for you on a monthly basis in the customer portal. You can also buy VBB tickets without registering using the direct credit card or prepaid process in the app.

Without registration: prepaid with the HandyTicket

With the prepaid procedure, you can take part in the HandyTicket Deutschland without having to enter your personal data. For this you pay in any amount in advance, which you can then use for your HandyTicket orders. You can transfer any amount (max. 50 euros for persons under 18 years of age) to the account, but at least five euros. If there is insufficient credit for the ticket you want, you cannot make a purchase. You have two options for topping up your prepaid credit for future HandyTicket orders: either by traditional transfer or via giropay, after which you can access your credit directly. You can find out about your current credit balance at any time in the customer portal or in the HandyTicket Deutschland app.


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VBB app with mobile phone ticket

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