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The best scanner apps for Android

Steffen Zellfelder

The Android smartphone as a portable scanner: no problem with the right app. This not only saves you the cost of purchasing expensive hardware. The best scanner apps in the Play Store often perform better than conventional devices and work much faster.

Not good news for the manufacturers of flatbed scanners and the like: Sophisticated scanner apps now do almost the same work on Android devices for free: You can use them to scan and digitize texts, images or documents with ease.

Let's be honest, nobody can stand the clunky scanners anyway: The devices are space-consuming and expensive, and you often have to cram them back in somewhere after use, because otherwise the desk will sink into chaos. Some people may not even want to imagine the silly games their colleagues in the office are playing with the community scanner.

Fortunately, you are no longer dependent on the unpleasant boxes: The Android device does it too, all you need is the right app for the job. We took a look around the Play Store and are introducing you to the top scanner apps for Android, where you will find the right candidate for all requirements.

With the Office Lens powerhouse, you can convert photographed documents directly into PowerPoint or Word formats, for example. This is ideal for further processing in the office and can save a lot of time in the daily routine.