What English accent should Indians learn

British or American accent: the choice is yours

Everyone who learns English will one day be given a choice: should I adopt the American or British accent? Hollywood glamor or London sophistication? "Wolf of Wall Street“Or Downing Street?

The agony of choice…

There are of course more important elements to consider when learning English, but many people base their judgment on people on their accents. So don't underestimate the difference your English accent choice can make!

1st option: the American accent

It's the most popular English accent ever. It was spread around the world thanks to films, music, television from the United States and 350 million North Americans (including Canadians). It is the easiest to understand for many people, native speakers or not.

There is something glamorous about the American accent: why do you think almost all singers - even British citizens - adopt the American accent when they sing?

The accents of North America are less varied than those of Great Britain, but there are a few different idioms here too, of which those in Boston, New York, and the south of the country are particularly noteworthy.

Here's what an American accent says about you:

You are experienced in traveling and in an international environment, you feel comfortable in a big city as well as on a ranch. You consume global culture, know the latest trends and are constantly informed about current events in your area. You want to be understood all over the world.

Therefore: The most significant form of global English, it is understood by most people around the world.

On the other hand: The most significant form of global English, it is understood by most people around the world. ... isn't that a little boring?

2nd option: the British accent

What exactly is the British accent? It is this here:

Or this:


Or this:

Or most likely something like this:

... and all of these accents come from England. Visit Scotland, Wales, and Ireland / Northern Ireland for additional accents.

For most people, the British accent is that of the BBC. This language is generally accepted as a neutral form, but is the English of the wealthier middle class in the London boroughs. It's also the standard accent used by the villains in the Hollywood films.

Here's what a British accent says about you:

You understand tradition, appreciate the finer things in life, and probably enjoy listening to good music. You are committed to the tradition of conversation and give the impression of being well behaved.

Therefore: Refined, respected, and often referred to as the most appealing of the English accents.

On the other hand: Less well understood worldwide, potentially a bit snobbish.

3rd option: Aussie/ Kiwi / South Africa

Australians and New Zealanders love to poke fun at each other on a variety of topics, including their accent.

Kiwi fruit spread over Aussies make fun:

Aussies making fun of kiwis ::

In contrast, the South African accent has a unique and distinctive tone:

These accents are less easily identifiable than the North American and British accents, but each of them has its own unique characteristics. Interestingly, they have Aussies/ Kiwis the tendency to raise the voice at the end of a sentence (which is called "High Rising Terminal“- HRT known phenomenon is used as a question in many languages), and this habit has also settled in other variants of the English language.


This is what these accents say about you:

You leave the British and American accents to the masses. You have chosen your own path, go further south across the equator and experience a new lifestyle.

Therefore: Individuality. Backpack on your back, you are on an adventure course.

On the other hand: There will be people who would like to talk to you about cricket. Be prepared for it!

4th option: the chameleon

You adopt an American accent when you speak to Americans, an Australian accent when you speak to Aussies and a British accent in conversations with the British (and anyone you want to charm).

That this says about you:

Flexible, communicative, but difficult to grasp. A citizen of the global world and extremely versatile.

Therefore: Testifies your knowledge of English, makes you a pleasant conversationalist.

On the other hand: Who are you? Who are you really? Do you even know what's coming?

Which accent do you prefer: American, British or something completely new?

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