Why do we need cleaning services

Apartment cleaning for seniors

Vacuuming, dusting or window cleaning are tedious tasks that many seniors can no longer do themselves as they get older. Since you don't want to constantly ask your relatives for help around the house, it is advisable to leave the cleaning of the apartment to a discreet, reliable service partner. We come to the desired date with a team with motivated and qualified employees who are always happy to be there for you and your needs. You don't need to worry about the equipment: Our cleaning service brings all the necessary professional equipment, machines (vacuum cleaner, floor mop, spray extraction machine, etc.) and cleaning agents to you. The cleaning of the apartment is carried out by our specialists according to your wishes. You determine what should be cleaned and / or cared for, when and how often. Whether vacuuming the carpet or mopping the floor, cleaning windows or removing dust: there is practically no housework that we cannot do for you in the course of cleaning the apartment. Of course, if you wish, we can also do the entire spring cleaning for your apartment. You can always fully rely on us and enjoy your newfound free time as well as your clean apartment.

Glass cleaning and carpet cleaning as required

No matter what floor covering you have in your apartment: Our employees bring parquet or laminate floors back into shape just as reliably as stone tiles or carpeting. We use special cleaning agents and machines to remove soiling on the floor that cannot be removed by vacuuming, wiping or sweeping. An important part of our professional apartment cleaning is the thorough, streak-free window cleaning with frames, window sills, shutters, roller shutter boxes and small parts, so that you have the necessary perspective again and more light comes into your apartment. Of course, we also remove all cobwebs. We offer tailor-made cleaning packages for your living rooms and bedrooms. This includes, for example, the thorough dusting above the furniture and floor care with suitable machines and cleaning agents. If necessary, we will clear out your cupboards and clean them inside and out. Beds are optionally subjected to a basic cleaning - including cleaning of mattresses and bed frames.

Basic cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom

In the kitchen, we bring your electrical devices (oven, refrigerator, etc.) and boxes clean to a shine inside and out. We also take care of the decalcification of fittings, the defrosting of your refrigerator, the degreasing of the steam exhaust or the washing of all your dishes. We bring the bathroom to a high gloss from A to Z. The bathtub, mirror, shower cubicle, toilet and wash basin are hygienically cleaned with special, effective and gentle cleaning agents. Lime is also reliably removed by our specialists, as is other impurities.