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Dedicated to people with fibromyalgia

Due to the coronavirus, we had to cancel the general meeting and the Fibromyalgia Day 2021.

However, we want to hold the general meeting because we don't want to keep postponing information to the members and because our DFV is due to have extraordinary board elections. Due to the current situation in which no meetings of several households from all over Germany are responsible, we have decided to invite to the general meeting on

Saturday, June 12, 2021, from 10:00 a.m. as an online event.

We are not the only club that is currently going this way, has to go. The federal government has passed a law specifically for this purpose, in which Article 11 under No. 2 § 5 GesRuaCOVBekG regulates that the board of directors can decide that "all members of the association can only participate in the general meeting by means of electronic communication and cannot request a member that he is able to participate in the meeting place where the board of directors conducts the general meeting. "

Our members can find out more about this online event in the special edition of our members' magazine "Optimisten".

We look forward to an active participation.


In the special edition of the "Optimist" we made a mistake when printing the link to the registration page:

There it says "" (without "ver") instead ofägererversammlung2021/

The misprint link is set up. Here you will be redirected to the correct page.