What is the scope of a career in tourism

Find out here which different courses are available in the field of tourism! We will introduce you to the individual courses in detail - including requirements, career prospects and the appropriate universities.

When choosing a course of study, you should keep your eyes open, the range of tourism courses is large - and thematically diverse. Not all courses impart the same knowledge. Depending on the course of study, you have completely different career prospects open to you.

A particularly large number of courses are named Tourism management (or alternatively tourism industry). They make up the majority of the courses on offer. From the first semester on, everything revolves around tourism and its business aspects. But there is also a wide range on offer business studies (Business Administration, General Management or Business Studies, for example), which only deal with the topic of tourism in depth in the second half of the course. Although the associated career opportunities are very similar, the courses differ in the scope of tourism topics.

In addition, there are plenty of other tourism courses that not only deal with the topic of tourism management, but also focus on other aspects. This is the case, for example, with courses that are not just about tourism, but also about Hotel and / or event management act and link these three issues together.

Fields of study such as Health tourism, Sports tourism or Sustainable tourism are ideal for you if you already have very precise ideas about your dream degree and want to specialize in a certain area of ​​the industry right from the start.

There are also other exciting study opportunities: For example, if you are a geography fan and want to learn how tourism works Urban and regional development influenced, you can let off steam in courses of the same name. It looks similar with the topic Leisure management out. If you are fascinated by aviation, there are suitable courses in the field Aviation Management. An Aviation Management Master's can also be a good investment in your own career.

Tourism is an international issue. It goes without saying that English or other foreign languages ​​are on the curriculum for all courses. If you really want to go abroad during your studies, e.g. in the form of an internship or a semester abroad, you should above all go to International Tourism Management degree programs Keeping an eye out. However, many other tourism courses also offer this option - so carefully compare the course of study at the individual universities!