Why did you stop loving your wife

If you are no longer loved, you will know that before you are told

Last update: 06 March, 2017

On this summer evening, on this terrace by the sea, at sunset, tears flowed down my face, in silence, slowly, up to the corners of my mouth, when you stopped kissing me. And even if you said now that you love me, even my heart wouldn't believe you. And over the course of that summer I've slowly withdrawn, never met you again, never again.

If at some point you have felt something similar, then you have felt that you are no longer loved. Don't fight it, you can't force someone to love someone else. Cry, feel your anger, but move away, say goodbye. The people and the things you like stay with you, and even if you keep reminding yourself about them, these images will fade bit by bit, just like your tears.

6 signs someone has stopped loving you

When someone no longer loves you, you feel it, then you perceive it, and even if you try to bury that feeling of rejection under a thousand excuses and explanations, it will come to light. Don't fight it, however, let it out as soon as possible and get on with your life. You know when you are no longer loved, even if you are not told.

Your partner will tell you that they still love you

He may contradict your intuition and affirm that he loves you, but his actions will contradict the words. Pay attention to what he's doing, not what he's saying. We humans usually reveal our feelings through our behavior, despite the many words and stories we tell.

Be realistic

Observe your relationship for what it is, how you feel. If you feel uncomfortable, if there is something that doesn't work, or if you've talked about it a thousand times but it still continues the same way, then it is necessary that you accept reality. It's tough, but you should see it. Don't let self deception rule your time. Be honest with yourself and open your eyes to the reality that surrounds you.

He has no time for you?

A couple in love enjoys spending time together, nobody tries to evade it or makes up excuses and activities of all kinds in order not to see the other. If your partner doesn't make an effort to spend time with you, then they don't love you. It is generally the case that despite many activities and tasks, we will always find a moment to spend some time with the other person, or at least to show them that we are thinking of them.

"Don't spend time with someone who isn't willing to spend time with you."

There is a lack of trust

At the beginning of a new relationship Mistrust and jealousy often arise from misunderstandings. However, if the mistrust persists in the long term even though everything has been cleared up, then it means that love has decreased or has completely disappeared.

There is no help when you need it

It's not about creating an emergency situation artificially just to get attention. The point is that you really are in a situation where you need help, but your partner is not there for you. In this case, you need to face the facts, see what happens, and be very honest with yourself. What's the point of being with someone you can't count on when you really need them?

No signs of affection

If there have been no hugs, kisses, caresses, deep looks and sex for a long time and these don't seem to come back, then you are no longer loved. The initial passion is of limited duration, but even beyond this first phase you continue to exchange tenderness, maybe everything becomes a little quieter, but you continue to show mutual affection.

"Love doesn't need to be understood, it just needs to be shown."

What to do if the partner no longer loves you

  • Do what you like. Do you remember the restaurant that you loved going to? It's still there, take a look, it doesn't matter that you feel alone enjoy your favorite food. Every bite of your life is still there, waiting for you to live it.In the worst case, people will look at you briefly because you are alone, but after a few seconds no one is looking at you anymore and you can enjoy your own film in peace.
  • Say it is over. When a relationship breaks or everything is already over, there are certain corners, pictures, songs or memories that allow us to relive a beautiful moment and thus ensure that tears run down our faces. Let your feelings out and shout: "Enough now!"Break the memory, say "It's over!" Say it in a loud voice listen to yourself and little by little the pain becomes less.
  • Meditate.Meditation is an intellectual exercise through which one attains a state of focusing on a particular thought, object, or body. There are different meditation techniques, some practice concentration and others full awareness. Meditate to forget, to focus on something else, on yourself. Feel and enjoy how solitude caresses you.
“If you are no longer loved, you will know that before you are told. You feel it in the deepest part of your soul, because there is no indifference that one does not notice. "