What's the worst thing about television

Perfect world painting still attracts the masses in the sense of escaping everyday life in front of the TV screen, this is the only way to explain a phenomenon like this: unbearably kitschy telenovelas with names like "Bianca - Ways to Happiness" (ZDF), "Julia - ways to happiness" (ZDF / in the picture the first leading actress Susanne Gärtner, left, with pig), "Sturm der Liebe" (ARD), "Rote Rosen" (ARD) or also "Herzflimmern - Liebe zum Leben" ( ZDF), with which the first two public television channels in particular seem to serve their conception of an audience beyond their sanity. Would you like a short synopsis from the last season of "Ways to Happiness"? May I help you:

Nora van Weyden comes to Hamburg after escaping from the prison hospital. On the run, she meets Alexander, they spend a wonderful day together. But then she faces her six-year prison sentence. After a long six years, they meet again on Nora's birthday. Nora confesses to Alexander why she fled back then. It turns out that they are siblings. Your love seems impossible. Caught between love and taboo, Nora and Alexander try to suppress their feelings for one another. But the longing for one another is stronger. After a few hurdles and trials, after it turns out that they are not related after all, they finally find each other in a romantic wedding ceremony and become happy together.