What are the benefits of K 12

The advantages of 2 K mixing systems

Calculate material loss honestly

It is worthwhile to honestly calculate the material loss. Buy an automatic 2K mixing system. The mixing system does not mix in any material in advance, but mixes the material in real time during the painting process. In other words, you start painting the workpiece, and as soon as you paint, material is requested at the same time and the system automatically mixes it with hardener.

So when there is no longer any need because the gun is not pulled, no more material is mixed in. So there is no loss of material. Even so, you still have enough color by the end of each painting process.

Challenge # 2: Always achieve the same color quality

An important factor with 2 component paints is the mixing time. Ideally, a 2-component paint must be mixed well and long enough. Depending on the color, at least between 5 and 10 minutes. It can, and will make a more noticeable difference if the paint is only mixed for 5 or 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes. It can happen that the painter mixes the paint for 10 minutes today, but tomorrow the next painter comes, or the next mix. And it is only stirred for 5 minutes. Your customer then receives two different types of surface quality. Shiny today, matt tomorrow. This is bad. Defective paintwork costs not only a lot of time, but also money.

However, this difference in quality can be eliminated with a 2-component mixing system. One of the advantages of 2K mixing systems is that it mixes through a static mixer with injection mixing technology. That means. Always the correct and constant mixing time without you doing anything. Constant product quality means lower costs for rework. A painter cannot achieve this consistency manually, or it is very difficult.