How should I write to women

When it comes to women, most men have a hard time. Especially when it comes to how to properly write with women. You can find out how to flirt via SMS, WhatsApp, or on dating apps in this article. Of course, it is understandable that immediate meetings or phone calls may sound a bit intimidating at first. Therefore, you should definitely take the chance to get to know your match better through messages.

Problems with the cover letter

The main problem when you want to write with women is that women can often react very emotionally to certain statements, and men cannot really assess this. Therefore, you should consider a few important basic conditions before you jump into the conversation. Otherwise it can be easy for you to step into a faux pas.

The following tips will help you choose your words and the best topics to talk about. This can help you avoid making a bad impression and maybe even secure a date in real life. Once you need women to write, you should create an online dating profile.

Top tips on how to write with women

It is best if you do not use any standard phrases at first. So don't write the woman with "Hi, how are you?" or "Do you want to have a coffee?" at. The woman has heard such things a thousand times and may not even answer you. It would be even worse if she immediately said no. Especially if the two of you haven't talked that much, you can safely assume that she will politely decline. Rule number one is to avoid standard questions. Your first message has to be as perfect as possible.

No eternal paragraphs

It is also important not to arrive with long messages. The woman is unlikely to even take the time to read all of you and find you desperate. Keep your messages short, concise, and effective. So you have their attention right away. If you tell too many and interesting facts about yourself, you will become uninteresting and annoying. You can also save small pieces of information for a face-to-face meeting.

Radiance is everything

It is also important that you do not come across as hesitant in the conversation. You want to impress the woman and stay on her mind. Therefore, you should always bring some humor and ingenuity into your conversations. Also, make sure that you do not exaggerate with the smileys, but also that you do not make a smiley face. You can orient yourself a little bit by how the woman does it. It always seems sympathetic when the other communicates in the same way. Just write with the mindset as if you were already her boyfriend and be charming and flirty.

Write to women as soon as possible

Another very important point is that you don't take too much time with the cover letter. Especially not if you met her on the same day. Otherwise you will fly out of her head faster and faster and if you write to her then she will no longer be interested in you. So don't wait three days, try to do it on the same day. This also applies if you suggest a date in the news. You shouldn't write to her for more than 3 days before doing this. Otherwise she will lose interest and see you more as a friendly conversation contact.

Nevertheless, you should try to become her favorite chat partner. Be the one she texts back first when she's on WhatsApp or any dating app. So you are guaranteed to win her heart and can convince her on the first date. So be fun and positive, but don't text her too often or seem obsessed. You can find out how to best formulate the first message here.

Remind them of you

Even if you have to leave or don't really have much time to write, you should send her a little message every now and then. For example, you can wish her a nice day or a good morning. So you stay in their memory and do not go under. Of course, she may not always have time to chat with you or to answer you at all. Even so, she will appreciate such little news. From time to time you can also send her a picture via Snapchat and thus establish a little contact with her. If she has you in front of her eyes more often, she can also imagine going on a date with you more often. You can also use Snapchat to send videos and voice messages that will familiarize them with your voice. You can also stay in her head without even writing to her if you have a smart username in online dating. So it can be that the women even come up to you.

Don't write too intrusively with women

A lot of men make the mistake of being too pushy. If the woman doesn't reply to your message immediately, post question marks or exclamation marks afterwards so that they appear a bit creepy and intrusive. Plus, you shouldn't always be the one to write to them. Find out if she's really interested by letting her approach you. Otherwise you should just wait for her to write back and not rush her.

Do not exaggerate

There is one thing that is especially important when chatting with women. You shouldn't be online all the time and respond to all of their statements within a second. Writing with women is not that complicated, but you definitely shouldn't come across as if you only have them among your WhatsApp contacts. She shouldn't be the focus of your whole day before your first date. If you let her wait a few minutes for your message, she won't lose interest in you. You shouldn't let them hang for hours, though.

It is best to wait around 10 to 15 minutes between your messages. This is not too long and she will not feel like she is of no interest to you. Also, if you text her back too quickly, she'll get the feeling that you're just bored. If you want to write to women you have to be aware that they have a strong scammer radar.

Be a gentleman

Just because you aren't talking to each other in real life doesn't mean you shouldn't be a gentleman. Don't let them wait hours for your answer. If you really don't have time to write to her then apologize and write to her again later. But you should never just go offline so that she has to wonder where you have suddenly gone.

Something like that just comes across as disrespectful and ignorant. Even if, for example, your battery is suddenly empty or something else comes up, you should at least apologize to her afterwards. She just has to know that you take the conversation with her seriously and that you don't do it all for fun. So, always remember to tell her why you can no longer write back to her. Otherwise she'll make up herself for whatever reason you're letting her down. And believe me, the verdict will not be positive.

Write with women and flirt easily

When flirting, you should be careful not to write entire novels or poems right away. We are not in the 18th century here. Most of the time, love poems and sayings copied from the Internet don't go down very well when you're writing with women. In addition, it is difficult to assess people via an online conversation, and she cannot really judge whether you mean it as difficult or serious.

Of course, if you are very creative and poetic you can write her a poem at some point. But that should generally only happen after the first or second date.

Arrange a date in the message

It is also important to start the topic of a meeting in real life after a certain period of time. If you never meet in reality, then nothing can come of it either. You shouldn't ask out of the blue if she'd like to go on a date, either. For example, if you're talking about movies, you can suggest watching a movie with her.

If you are texting with women, there is one important thing to know about going on a date. Be straightforward. Set up the date with the day and time when you ask her about it. Otherwise it can be that the question is simply in the room and goes down again after a few conversations. Really plan what you are going to do.

With women it is often good if the man is sure and decides for both of them what to do. Of course, you can also respond to suggestions from her, but make up your mind as quickly as possible so that you appear confident.

If you keep all of these things in mind, you will surely have a successful date and get to know your dream woman a little better. Now you know how to write with women, so don't lose heart if you don't get it right with the first one. Also worth reading.