What is Playback Based CPM on YouTube

Your CPM

What CPM are you talking about, the one that is displayed in Analytics or the one that is calculated over? These are quite different values:

  • The thumbs up 1-2 € refer to the invoice with the actual income and number of views.
  • The playback-based CPM in Analytics calculates the YouTube advertising revenue (that is your income plus YouTubes share) and the monetized playbacks, and is therefore significantly higher for two reasons.
  • The CPM in Analytics also calculates the YouTube advertising revenue and the advertisements, i.e. no views.

So if your $ 4 is one of the last two values, that's a relatively normal level, and your effective CPM should probably be less than $ 2, considering all calls. If the € 4 is already your effective CPM: Nice!

I am interested in the extent to which the topic and target group influence the CPM.

Strong. Tech, beauty, cars, toys, these should be the genres with the best CPMs, because viewers (i.e. customers) also spend more money. Astronomy and futurism is probably somewhere between average to good in terms of CPM. It's not exactly tech-oriented, but I can see a certain overlap. Vlogs, music, gaming, it tends to be at the lower end of the CPM spectrum.