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Interview: Marcus “Marcuzo” Jørgensen

The Dane Marcus “Marcuzo” Jørgensen is currently one of the most consistent FIFA players in the world. In an interview with EA SPORTS, the man, who is now active at Manchester City, talks about his year of competition, his close friendship with Agge Rosenmeier and his goals for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final in early August.

  • How do you think your competition season went? I think the past year has been a positive one for me. In Barcelona I was frustrated, of course, I had played well in the preliminary round and still got out of the knockout round. It was similar in Manchester, but at the playoffs in Amsterdam I was finally able to show what I am capable of. It was the perfect time for my best performance of the year. And now I'm in the eWorld Cup for the second time in a row!
  • What are your goals for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final? I want the title. But of course that will be really tough. There are a lot of great people on both platforms. And anything can happen in FIFA knockout games.
  • Which rivals are you most looking forward to in London? I'm really looking forward to the duel against my perhaps best buddy outside of the FIFA world, namely Agge. There are also some top games waiting for me against my Amsterdam knockout opponents: Andoni from Spain and Damie from Roma Fnatic. They certainly want to return the favor. But you can forget that!