How can someone hypothetically rob a bank

Parcel delivery by the police


please switch on your understanding and life experience: Do you look at every package and every envelope that you receive to see whether it is really for you before you open it?

The normal case is that one assumes correct delivery and does not check before opening. In this respect, it is absolutely human when you open a package that is not intended for you. Especially when the postman - in contrast to the letter - has personally given it to you against a signature and you may even be specifically waiting for a parcel, for example because you have ordered something.

And of course, the moment she noticed that the package was not for her, she could have simply carried it back to the nearest post office, which would have delivered it to you. Since the lady reads too much crime novels, she preferred to take it to the police due to the specific content, who probably just smiled and considered it a special service to hand it in personally on the next patrol than to post it bring back. By the way, I would do it the same way if the real recipient lives closer / is easier to reach than the post office.

So come down, BTW: Ever heard of "intent"?

Greetings from Wiz, who happened to pull a mirror ball out of a package yesterday instead of the endoscope camera that had been ordered, and only then looked at the address label to see whether it had been delivered incorrectly (but it wasn't, otherwise see above)