How can I unlock Android phones?

Mobile phone locked - How to regain access!

The screen lock on the smartphone is important and useful so that nobody can access your data without authorization. But what to do if you've forgotten your code?

If you've forgotten the PIN for your SIM card, it shouldn't be a problem - because the PUK is there for such cases. This is the "Personal Unblocking Key", your personal unblocking key. You can usually find this in your contract documents or on the plastic card from which you removed your SIM card. If you enter the PIN incorrectly three times, the PUK will be used. If you have also lost your PUK, you have to contact your provider.

Most Android smartphones offer a security question for such cases, which you can set when entering the code. This can be, for example, your mother's maiden name or the name of your pet - but be careful: some questions can be easily answered by friends or acquaintances!

If you enter the screen lock incorrectly several times, you can answer the security question and reset the code. Some smartphones also offer the option to authenticate using your Google account.

However, this option does not exist with the iPhone - you even have to be careful here, because depending on the setting, the content of the smartphone will be deleted after ten incorrect entries!

Lock important anyway!

Even if you can forget a PIN or a screen lock, it is important that you use it to secure your smartphone. In any case, regular backups are mandatory so that the damage is limited.

Reset smartphone

If nothing helps, you have to reset your smartphone. The screen lock is also reset.

At the iPhone there are three ways to do this:

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer and reset the device via iTunes.
  • If you are using iCloud and have "Find My iPhone" activated, you can reset it via iCloud.
  • If you don't use iTunes or iCloud, you can still reset your iPhone on your computer using iTunes. Then you force a restart by holding down the standby and home buttons at the same time and only releasing them when the maintenance symbol is displayed.

At Android-Smartphones must first switch off your smartphone to start the reset and then switch it on again while holding down the "volume up" button and the power button. The so-called recovery menu is opened, with which you can reset the smartphone to the factory settings.

When you reset, all data will be deleted. If you have made a backup beforehand, you can restore it via iTunes or your PC, for example. If not, all data is lost.

Article dated 08/12/2016.