Why are people stabbed to death in London

London attacker was recently in custody

Several media outlets unanimously report that the London attacker was only released from prison last month. Accordingly, he had served around half of a three-year prison sentence - in 2018, the then 18-year-old was convicted of spreading Islamist propaganda.

The perpetrator carried a dummy bomb

The man had attacked passers-by on a busy shopping street on Sunday afternoon. According to the police, he injured two people: a man was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries and a woman suffered minor injuries. Another woman was slightly injured by broken glass during the police operation. The incident took place in Streatham in the south of the British capital. The police suspect an Islamist-extremist motive behind the crime.

The police have since confirmed suspicions on social media that the attacker was wearing a dummy explosives vest. Shortly after the attack began, he was shot dead by police forces - apparently plainclothes officers. MEP Bell Reberio-Addy, whose constituency is Streatham, said the attacker had been watched "for some time". According to a police officer, he was the focus of a "proactive operation against terrorism".

Witness: attacker had a machete

"I was just crossing the street when I saw a man with a machete and silver containers on his chest," a youth told the PA news agency. The man was followed by a person in civilian clothes and killed with several shots. Presumably it was an undercover agent, said the young person. He himself took refuge in a library.

After the attack in the afternoon, a large area was cordoned off

Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked the police and rescue workers. "My thoughts are with the injured and all those affected," he said. London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted: "Terrorists are trying to divide us and destroy our lifestyles - here in London we will never let them succeed."

Repeated Islamist terror in London

The location is eight kilometers south of the city center. Several such attacks had already occurred in central London, the last one in November. At that time, the police shot a man who was wearing a dummy explosive vest. He stabbed two people and injured three others before passers-by could overwhelm him.

In June 2017, eight people died in the British capital after terrorists hit three people in a van on London Bridge and then stabbed five others in Borough Market. Police shot the three perpetrators.

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