Why is Yahoo Answers so stupid


How many deaths would there be in an asteroid impact (1 km in diameter)?
hadrax, 7.5.2014, gutefrage.net

Can the ugliest person be pretty with the right lighting?
Trennjaeger, May 31, 2014, gutefrage.net

How do 100 weeks go by very quickly?
Sheldonn, May 28, 2014, gutefrage.net

Most read this week:

Do zebras actually have white or black stripes?
FlowersSniffing, 26.6.2010, gutefrage.net

I swallowed a whole ice cube and it hasn't come out yet. What to do?
Yahoo USA, without disclosures

Do cows sweat more under black spots than under white spots?
ForLongTime, April 4th, 2012, gutefrage.net

How long can a soap bubble last?
blue clever, undated, Yahoo Answers

Why do you look different in photos than in the mirror?
Mrs.Willson, 25.11.2012, gutefrage.net

My girlfriend wants to break up, me too, what should we do?
SpSpringer, 3.4.2012, gutefrage.net

Hey, I painted a rose. What can I paint with it?
raynygirl, May 31, 2014, gutefrage.net

Got to get out at 7, now it's 4 a.m., is it worth staying up?
Philipp11111, July 5, 2012, gutefrage.net

Where can I find an undisturbed place for sexual intercourse in the NRW area if it is not possible at home?
Atomic fart, May 11, 2014, gutefrage.net

Are there birds in Canada?
Yahoo USA, without disclosures

If there is something to evolution, why don't pigs have wings?
Yahoo USA, without disclosures

Can a German get pregnant from a Turk?
Nadja, undated, Yahoo Answers

Can dwarves see something at night?
Yahoo USA, without disclosures

Can I safely look at a photo of the sun? Or would I break my eyes in the process?
Yahoo USA, without disclosures

Can you really lose weight by rubbing your stomach?
Yahoo USA, without disclosures

How can a German woman have 1.4 children? What is 0.4?
Meltem, undated, Yahoo Answers

How do bodybuilders manage to be totally hairless?
DaTop, May 14, 2014, gutefrage.net

How can I find out if I am really my baby's mother?
Yahoo USA, without disclosures

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