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Boxing - Anthony Joshua dismantles Kubrat Pulev: The way is clear for Tyson Fury

Boxing champion Anthony Joshua knocked out the toxic Kubrat Pulev with a cracking right (the highlights in the video). The way is clear for the heavyweight mega-fight against Tyson Fury.

First Anthony Joshua bowed dutifully in front of the 1000 fans in the Wembley Arena, then he hurried to the first row of the audience. There was buddy Floyd Mayweather. The shrill superstar and once the best pound-to-pound boxer from the USA had supported Joshua in his knockout victory in the world championship fight for the heavyweight crown against the long brave Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev.

"His bling-bling blinded me a bit," joked Joshua about the appearance of the jeweled "Money" Mayweather, who resigned unbeaten after 50 fights in 2017 and likes to present expensive outfits. "He's a great fighter, a damn good guy, gentleman, I respect his craft," Mayweather said of Joshua, who didn't give his opponent a chance.

"In and of itself, Pulev got into the fight well. He deserved a better end," Pulev's German coach Ulli Wegner told SID on Sunday. The 78-year-old was unable to fly to London due to contractual problems. "I'll leave him alone for a few days. He's a good boy, has shown great morals," said Wegner.

Anthony Joshua Beats Kubrat Pulev: The Best Images of the Fight

Anthony Joshua: "Let it be Tyson Fury!"

After Joshua's 24th victory in the 25th professional fight, the boxing scene is now looking forward to the mega thriller against Tyson Fury. Joshua defended his three important world titles of the WBA, WBO and IBF, Fury holds the fourth title of the WBC. "Whoever has the belt, I would like to fight him," Joshua shouted to the fans in London and said: "If this is Tyson Fury, then let it be Tyson Fury."

His promoter Eddie Hearn rubbed his hands together. "Tomorrow we will fight Tyson Fury. It will be the biggest fight in British boxing history," said Hearn. Bernd Bönte, long-time Klitschko manager, is also convinced of the deal. "The two teams have already come to an agreement," believes Bönte, "I don't know whether the contract has now also been signed."

Fury also joined the debate on social media. "I want the fight, I want it next," said the 2.06 m man in a video: "I'll knock him out within three rounds." However, there is apparently still a contractual obligation for Fury for a third fight against former champion Deontay Wilder (USA). The first duel ended in a draw, the second fight was won by Fury.

Anthony Joshua also shows two faces against Pulev

Against Pulev Joshua showed his two faces once again. After a slow start, the man from Watford in north London suddenly turned up on lap three, covered his opponent with several uppercuts, Pulev was counted twice. The fact that the Bulgarian was still recovering from this rainfall bordered on a miracle.

But in the next rounds, the 39-year-old Pulev showed his fighter heart and was able to make the fight more or less balanced again, even winning the fourth and sixth round. On lap nine Joshua got serious again, bringing four uppercut points to his opponent's chin in a row. Pulev was counted twice before Joshua knocked him out with a cracking right. hit.