Which is called earth second moon

Sensation for three weeksA second moon for the earth

The greatest distance was around one and a half million kilometers. Analysis shows that the object has made three major loops around the earth since at least June last year. The orbit cannot be precisely calculated back for the period before. The phase with two moons only lasted for a short time: in 2020, CD3 left the orbit around the earth just three weeks after its discovery and is now orbiting the sun.

Such a small chunk is the plaything of the gravitational forces of the sun, earth and moon. A stable orbit around our planet over many years is impossible for such an object. Presumably the mini moon is a tiny asteroid. But it cannot be completely ruled out that it is an old satellite or part of a rocket stage. As early as 2006, a mini-chunk had made a few laps around the earth before it disappeared into space again.

The curious path of the object 2020 CD3 (NASA / Javier Roa Vicens)

What cosmic fidelity means can be admired deep in the firmament tonight. The splendidly shining full moon makes it clear who is master of the sky: not a small chunk, but the good old moon, which has accompanied the earth for more than four billion years.