Hitler was stupid

He must have been almost a genius in some things. E.g. a very good rhetorician. But I don't want to glorify him with that !. He was also open to daring military operations (including an attack plan against France (Ardennes), but at the same time was megalomaniac and started a multi-front war.

@ Poland / Blitzkrieg

Poland is a very bad example, even the Wehrmacht at the time considered it a bad test of the strategy that Poland simply had to lag behind in terms of weapons for generations. France gives a better example, because the French and British were superior to tanks and men.

But the Blitzkrieg strategy did not come from his brain, these were plans of the OKW, General Staff, etc. Hitler gave his generals great freedom in planning up to 42 years. When he went to Stalinggrad, bi began to interfere in the military details. Overstretched fronts, refused withdrawal, ...

Whether in medicine and research, weapons,

one must not forget that we were already a leading industrial nation back then. But in the course of the war one fell behind the developments of the Americans and British, especially the Americans had huge potential. And why were we able to afford the latest weapons? Exploitation, e.g. Eg Jewish accounts etc. Hitler's entire economic system was based on exploitation and conquest, otherwise the loans he took out would have perished at some point. And then a lot was invested in military before the war, much more than in England and France.

But what you also have to see is that we never had the potential to equip all of them with the modern things. Even at the end of the war, many divisions were still dependent on horses and carbines, so the Nazis had broad armor rather than deep armor.


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